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Katsuhito Iwai Publications

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Preliminary Pages [i-xi]
PART I. Wicksellian Disequilibrium Dynamics
1 Dynamic Theory of the Monopolistically and Monopsonistically Competitive Firm [3]
2 The Process of Expectation Formation [48]
3 The Cumulative Inflation Process and Say's Laws of Markets [70]
PART II. Keynesian Disequilibrium Dynamics in the Short Run
4 The Keynesian Principle of Effective Demand [117]
5 The Keynesian Theory of Slump and the Wicksellian Theory of Crisis: A Synthesis [128]
PART III. Keynesian Disequilibrium Dynamics in the Long Run
6 A Keynesian Model of Wage Adjustment [175]
7 Macroscopic Steady State and the Long-Run Phillips Curve [207]
8 A Model of Wage-Push Stagflation [227]
Note for Future Research [244]
Mathematical Appendixes [249]
References [299]
Index [308]