Due to the COVID-19 virus, the 16th Annual Conference on General Equilibrium and its Applications, and all 2020 Cowles summer confereces have been cancelled.

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Recent Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers

Number CFDP

CFDP 2252

Ke Miao, Peter C. B. Phillips, Liangjun Su, "High-Dimensional VARs with Common Factors," (August 2020) [70 pp, Abstract]

CFDP 2251

Ye Chen, Peter C. B. Phillips, Shuping Shi, "Common Bubble Detection in Large Dimensional Financial Systems," (August 2020) [63 pp, Abstract]

CFDP 2250

Peter C. B. Phillips, Ying Wang, "When Bias Contributes to Variance: True Limit Theory in Functional Coefficient Cointegrating Regression," (August 2020) [56 pp, Abstract] [Supplemental material, 13 pp]

CFDP 2249

Liang Jiang, Xiaobin Liu, Peter C. B. Phillips, Yichong Zhang, "Bootstrap Inference for Quantile Treatment Effects in Randomized Experiments with Matched Pairs," (August 2020) [40 pp, Abstract] [Supplemental material, 46 pp]

CFDP 2248

Shuping Shi, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Diagnosing Housing Fever with an Econometric Thermometer," (August 2020) [31 pp, Abstract]

CFDP 2247

John Eric Humphries, Christopher Neilson, Gabriel Ulyssea, "Information Frictions and Access to the Paycheck Protection Program," (August 2020) [67 pp, Abstract]

CFDP 2246

Charles Hodgson, Gregory Lewis, "You Can Lead a Horse to Water: Spatial Learning and Path Dependence in Consumer Search," (August 2020) [65 pp, Abstract]

CFDP 2245

Yotam Harchol, Dirk Bergemann, Nick Feamster, Eric Friedman, Arvind Krishnamurthy, Aurojit Panda, Sylvia Ratnasamy, Michael Schapira, Scott Shenker, "A Public Option for the Core," (August 2020) [14 pp, Abstract]

CFDP 2112R

Michèle Müller-Itten, Aniko Öry (Oery), "Mentoring and the Dynamics of Affirmative Action," (November 2017, Revised August 2020) [58 pp, Abstract]