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The Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics at Yale University has as its purpose the conduct and encouragement of research in economics.


Cash, college degree, and mortar cap
By Mike Cummings While an undergraduate at Yale, economist Joseph Altonji took an introductory course in macroeconomics taught by James Tobin, Sterling Professor of Economics...
Sam Kortum portrait
Yale economist Samuel Kortum has won the 2018 Onassis Prize in International Trade for his research on the impact of technology on global trade.  Kortum ’92 Ph.D., the James...
Janet Currie portrait
The Cowles Foundation is proud to present Princeton University Henry Putnam Professor of Economics and Public Affairs, Janet Currie, as this year’s speaker for...
Xiaohong Chen andGregory C. Chow on stage at 2017 Chinese Award Ceremony
As reported earlier, the National Economics Foundation awarded the prestigious 2017 China Economics Prize to Yale’s Xiaohong Chen and Princeton’s Gregory C. Chow for their “...