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Recent Cowles Foundation Papers

Number CFP
CFP 1765 Marina Halac, Pierre Yared, "Instrument-Based versus Target-Based Rules," Review of Economic Studies, (January 2022), 89(1): 312-345
CFP 1764 Costas Meghir, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Corina Mommaerts, Melanie Morten, "Migration and Informal Insurance: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial and a Structural Model," Review of Economic Studies, (January 2022), 89(1): 452-480 (See CFDP 2185R3)
CFP 1763 Itzhak Gilboa, Larry Samuelson, David Schmeidler, "Learning (to disagree?) in large worlds," Journal of Economic Theory, (January 2022), 199: (Article 105166)
CFP 1762 Dirk Bergemann, Alessandro Bonatti, Andreas Haupt, Alex Smolin, "The Optimality of Upgrade Pricing," In Proceedings of the 17th Int. Conf. on Web and Internet Economics, 1-18 (M. Feldman et al.)
CFP 1761 Nicholas Ryan, Anant Sudarshan, "Rationing the Commons," Journal of Political Economy, (January 2022), 130(1): 210–257 (See CFDP 2239)
CFP 1760 Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Counterfactuals with Latent Information," American Economic Review, (January 2022), 112(1): 343-368 (See CFDP 2162R4)
CFP 1752 Dirk Bergemann, Francisco Castro, Gabriel Weintraub, "Third-Degree Price Discrimination Versus Uniform Pricing," Games and Economic Behavior, (January 2022), Vol. 131: 275-291