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Recent Cowles Foundation Papers

Number CFP
CFP 1662 Brant Abbott, Giovanni Gallipoli, Costas Meghir, Giovanni L. Violante, "Education Policy and Intergenerational Transfers in Equilibrium," Journal of Political Economy, (December 2019), 127(6): 2569-2624 (See CFDP 1887R2)
CFP 1661 Pedro Carneiro, Oswald Koussihouèdé, Nathalie Lahire, Costas Meghir, Corina Mommaerts, "School Grants and Education Quality: Experimental Evidence from Senegal," Economica, New Series, (January 2020), 87(345): 28-51
CFP 1660 Mira Frick, Ryota Iijima, Tomasz Strzalecki, "Dynamic Random Utility," Econometrica, (December 2019), 87(6): 1941-2002 (See CFDP 2092), (See CFDP 2092R)
CFP 1659 David S. Ahn, Ryota Iijima, Yves Le Yaouanq, Todd Sarver, "Behavioural Characterizations of Naivete for Time-Inconsistent Preferences," Review of Economic Studies, (November 2019), 86(6): 2319–2355 (See CFDP 2074R), (See CFDP 2074)
CFP 1658 Kaivan Munshi, "Caste and the Indian Economy," Journal of Economic Literature, (December 2019), 57(4): 781-834
CFP 1657 Joyee Deb, Julio Gonzalez-Diaz, "Enforcing Social Norms: Trust-building and Community Enforcement," Theoretical Economics, (November 2019), 14(4): 1387–1434
CFP 1656 Peter C. B. Phillips, Thomas Leirvik, Trude Storelvmo, "Econometric Estimates of Earth’s Transient Climate Sensitivity," Journal of Econometrics, (January 2020), 214(1): 6-32 (See CFDP 2083)
CFP 1655 Andreas Müller, Kjetil Storesletten, Fabrizio Zilibotti, "Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms," American Economic Review, (December 2019), 109(12): 4220-59