Visiting Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

Yale provides several Wi-Fi access networks depending upon your user role:

  • YaleGuest
  • Eduraom
  • YaleSecure

Short-term Visitors

A public wireless network called YaleGuest which has limited network access is available for anyone’s use. Due to security reasons, certain programs and functionality may not be accessible via the YaleGuest network, e.g., Dropbox, Skype, and printing at 30 Hillhouse.  

Another option is the Eduroam wireless network which Yale subscribes to.  Eduroam (education roaming) is a secure, world-wide roaming access service that allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.

If your institution is a partneraccess the Eduroam network by selecting Eduroam from the Wi-Fi list on your mobile device and sign-in using your home institution’s credentials*. View Eduroam’s complete listing of U.S. participating schools; International visitors can look for institutional listings on this country page.

For additional details, search your institution’s support page.

*(Credential format is typically, e.g., or

Long-term Visitors

If you have been granted a Yale NetID, it is strongly encouraged that you use the Yale Secure network when on campus. This secure connection will allow you to use any application and print to the Cowles network printers. When selecting Yale Secure from the Wi-Fi list on your device, you will be prompted to enter your Yale NetID and password to authenticate. Once connected, your credentials will be saved. If you have trouble try the YaleSecure Connection Assistant.

For more information, visit the ITS Wi-Fi page. If needing to access Yale secure websites or resources from off campus, the Cisco VPN AnyConnect client (available for download from the ITS Software Library) in conjunction with Multifactor Authentication can be used. For assistance, call the ITS Help Desk at (203) 432-9000.

IT and Computer FAQs

There are three printers in 30 Hillhouse: two HP 3015P printers located on the first and second floor hallways, and one HP LaserJet M402 located in the basement. There is an HP 400M printer in 37 Hillhouse on the second florr for visiting faculty use.  

For instructions connecting to a printer, see the Cowles Printer page (Yale authentication required to view the page).

Contact Matt Regan if you need assistance in connecting your personal laptop to the nearest printer.

IT and Computer FAQs

Yale ITS provides several community access computers around campus (including 28 Hillhouse) with statistical software such as Mathematica, Matlab, and R.  The Yale StatLab offers more statistical software packages. For a full list of computer lab locations and a campus map, visit the ITS Computer Labs page

Note: A valid Yale Net ID and password are needed to sign into the computers.

IT and Computer FAQs

To activate your Yale NetID, visit the Yale activation page.  Enter the PIN provided to you by Darlene Smith and create a new password.

Net ID

You can change your Yale Net ID password by visiting the Change Your Yale Password page.

Net ID

You can reset your Yale NetID password on this page by answering several security questions.

Net ID

The Cowles Foundation has a visiting faculty mailing list for long-term visitors.  While long-term visitor names are added to the list before the start of their stay, visitors can subscribe by visiting this sign-up page. Visitors can also unsubscribe from the mailing list by using the same sign-up page and entering an email address in the unsubscribe field at the bottom of the page.

For additional assistance, please contact Matthew Regan.

Contact Information, IT and Computer FAQs, Resources

The Cowles Foundation is located in the heart of Yale’s campus at 30 Hillhouse Avenue.  Use theYale online campus map to help find your way around.

Navigating the campus

Several transportation alternatives are available for navigating the campus and beyond.  Here are some options:

Shuttle Bus

Yale provides a free shuttle service with several routes around campus. Using the Yale TrasLoc mapor the TransLoc Rider smartphone app (iOS and Android), you can find stops and use the real-time shuttle tracking.

Nighttime Safe Rides

Yale provides free afterhour rides and walking escourts. For additional information, visit the Nighttime Shuttle Safe Rides & Walking Escort Service website.

Public Bus

CT Transit provides local and express bus services in the greater New Haven metro area operating 7 days a week with over 22 local routes

Zip Car

Zipcar is a car sharing program that uses revolutionary technology to make the process of car sharing safe, easy and convenient. Click here to view campus Zipcar locations.

Zagster Bike

50 shared-use bicycles are available inseveral locations on campus through the university’s partnership with Zagster, which provides city cruiser-style bicycles, registration and reservation software and maintenance services. Read more on our bikeshare page.


For those wanting needing to travel to other destinations outside of New Haven, Union Station, provides train service in the Northeast via Metro North and Amtrak lines.

For more transportation options, please visit the Yale Transportation Options page.

Navigating the campus

Yale and New Haven offer many attractions to bide your time while in the Elm City. Below is a list of a few:

Yale Attractions

New Haven Attractions

Navigating the campus

Yale University employed Visiting Scholars, Researchers and Post-Doctoral appointments are eligible for library borrowing privileges at no charge.  These privileges vary depending on the appointment, which is set by the scholar’s home department or college.  Generally speaking, if you have a Yale ID card, you should have Yale library loan privileges.  For more information on the Yale library policies and general information, see below:


Yes. The Cowles Foundation Library in the basement of 30 Hillhouse has restricted access, however, two-week book loans can be made online. Use the Cowles Library database to search the collection; items can be checked out using the online form once a book selection has been made. You will be contacted once your books are ready for pick-up. 

Contact Matt Regan with any questions or for assistance.

For a more extensive collection of books and journal, the Center for Science and Social Science Information has additional resources.  The economics subject library is Gwyenth Crowley who can assist with database questions, working papers, search engines and other online resources.  More can be found on Gwyenth’s library resource page.


The Payne Whitney Gym offers annual, academic, semester and monthly memberships to visiting associates, visitors, and spouses.  See the membership page for rates, services, and hours.


Contact Yale Member Services for additional information.


In cases of emergency, contact the appropriate department listed below:

For addtional emergency information, visit the Yale Emergency Management website.

Contact Information

The university offers several dining locations around campus including 12 residential colleges. See map below or click here for the full campus map with dining hall locations. For additional Yale dining information, menus, and off-campus eateries, visit the Yale Hospitality website.

Navigating the campus, Resources

Cowles visiting faculty who are eligible for a photo ID can visit the ID Center during normal business hours. The ID Center is located at 57 Lock Street, 1st Floor.

For more information on obtaining a photo ID, please see the ID Center webpage.


In the last year, several incidents of fraud schemes targeting members of the Yale community were reported to the Yale University Police Department.  These scams primarily targeted international faculty and students. The scams are similar in that the suspect calls claiming to be a law enforcement officer and tells the victim that they owe taxes, most often related to student loans.  The victim is threatened with arrest, revocation of educational credentials, deportation, and loss of VISA status. The suspects appear to have some knowledge of the victims and their relationship to the university. The phone numbers used by the suspects are spoofed and appear to be legitimate law enforcement agencies.  The guise of legitimacy is enhanced when the suspects divulge some personal information on the victims, likely obtained through open source searches or social engineering.  In one case the actual name of a high ranking law enforcement official was used.


  • Do not disclose any personal information if contacted by an individual demanding payment for unpaid taxes or loans.
  • Do not provide any payment to these individuals by cash, wire transfer or gift card.
  • If contacted call the Yale Police immediately at 203-432-4400. 
  • You can also report a crime or send an anonymous text tip through our Bulldog Mobile (LiveSafe) app.
    (To register for Bulldog Mobile please visit

For more crime prevention and safety tips please visit

For additional information on scams:


Cowles visitors can be reimbursed per their commitment letter.  You can find travel reimbursement at this link.


Yale campus, local and long distance calls can be made using your office phone. See instructions below for differnt dialing locations.

To Call Yale Campus Numbers Dial
Central Campus and Science Hill numbers last 5 digits
Medical Center Numbers last 5 digits
To Call Local Numbers (with a 203 area code) Dial
Local numbers 9 + (203) + 7 digits
Connecticut Mental Health Center (CMHC) 9 + (203) 789-7300
To Call Long Distance Numbers Dial
Long distance, in-state (YALENET) 9 + 1 + area code + 7 digits
Long distance, out-of-state (YALENET) 9 + 1 + area code + 7 digits
Long distance, in-state (personal credit card, 
bill to third number, collect)
9 + 0 + area code + 7 digits
Long distance, out-of-state (personal credit 
card, bill to third, collect)
9 + 0 + area code + 7 digits
International (YALENET) 9 + 011 + country code + city code** + number
International (personal credit card,
bill to third, collect)
9 + 01 + country code + city code** + number
Toll-free (800) numbers 9 + 1 + 800+ 7 digits

For additional dialing instructions, visit the Campus Phone webpage.

IT and Computer FAQs, Resources