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Submission Guidelines

Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers (CFDPs)

Open to all Cowles research staff and visiting faculty

Fill out the CFDP online form or email a pdf file of your paper to

Include the following in the body of the email:

For papers that have been accepted for publication:
If you have already signed a copyright agreement with a publisher, please verify with the publisher that you retain the rights to this paper and have permission to post on the Yale website.

Your paper will be archived in our internal systems (digital copies in SharePoint and Yale's EliScholar library), submitted to RePEc* (for dissemination to other sources) and posted on the Cowles website. You may also request that this paper be uploaded to arXiv, maintained and operated by Cornell Tech.

*Consider registering with the RePEc Author Serivce (Authors Registered with RePEc). They list papers (working and journal articles) by author and send out monthly download statistics.

Cowles Foundation Papers/Reprints (CFPs)

Open to all Cowles research staff and visiting faculty

Submit hard/electronic copy or a link to article using the CFP online form, or email Be sure to include FULL bibliographic reference.

Note to Graduate Students

For graduate students interested in posting papers, use the Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA) repository. More information about creating an account and submitting papers can be found on the MPRA home page. The Yale University listing of papers posted to MPRA can be found on this page.