CFDP 1731

Semiparametric Efficiency Bound for Models of Sequential Moment Restrictions Containing Unknown Functions


Publication Date: October 2009

Pages: 40


This paper computes the semiparametric efficiency bound for finite dimensional parameters identified by models of sequential moment restrictions containing unknown functions. Our results extend those of Chamberlain (1992b) and Ai and Chen (2003) for semiparametric conditional moment restriction models with identical information sets to the case of nested information sets, and those of Chamberlain (1992a) and Brown and Newey (1998) for models of sequential moment restrictions without unknown functions to cases with unknown functions of possibly endogenous variables. Our bound results are applicable to semiparametric panel data models and semiparametric two stage plug-in problems. As an example, we compute the efficiency bound for a weighted average derivative of a nonparametric instrumental variables (IV) regression, and find that the simple plug-in estimator is not efficient. Finally, we present an optimally weighted, orthogonalized, sieve minimum distance estimator that achieves the semiparametric efficiency bound.


Sequential moment models, Semiparametric efficiency bounds, Optimally weighted orthogonalized sieve minimum distance, Nonparametric IV regression, Weighted average derivatives, Partially linear quantile IV

JEL Classification Codes:  C14, C22

See CFP: 1366