Commission Discussion Papers, Economics


Econ 201

Jorgen Gelting, “Fiscal Policy and National Income” (May 29, 1947) [2pp]

Econ 202

Herbert A. Simon, “Some Economic Effects of Technological Change” (May 31, 1947) [12pp]

Econ 203

Robert A. Taft, “Letter and Questionnaire From Chairman Taft of the Joint Committee of the Economic Report. Answers From Jacob Marschak” (June 20, 1947) [10pp]

Econ 204

Jacob Marschak, “Taxation and Entrepreneur’s Choice” (with acknowledgements to K. Arrow) (July 24, 1947) [8pp]

Econ 205

Evsey D. Domar, “Some Ideas Suggested by L. R. Klein’s Paper ‘Theories of Effective Demand and Employment’” (April 1947) [3pp]

Econ 206

Herman Rubin, “Structural Equations For the Investigation of the Relation of Corn Yield to Weather” (August 4, 1947) [4pp]

Econ 207

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Forecasting of National Income in June 1947” (August 26, 1947) [3pp]

Econ 208

Evsey D. Domar, “Capital Accumulation and the End of Prosperity” (August 28, 1947) [4pp]

Econ 209

Jacob Marschak, “Second Note on the Response of Entrepreneurs to Taxes” (September 1, 1947) [3pp]

Econ 210

Roger Dehem, “Price Flexibility and Inconsistent Systems” (August 29, 1947) [2pp]

Econ 211

Colin Clark, “System of Trade Cycle Equations Derived From Quarterly Data of Harold Barger, U.S.A., 1921–39” (October 8, 1947) [1p]

Econ 212

Don Patinkin, “Price Flexibility and Unemployment” (November 17, 1947) [16pp]

Econ 213

Herbert A. Simon, “Some Models For the Study of the Economic Effects of Technological Change” (December 16, 1947) [23pp]

Econ 214

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Optimum Utilization of the Transportation System” (February 6, 1948) [15pp]

Econ 215

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Systems of Linear Production Functions” (February 10, 1948) [13pp]

Econ 215A

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Notations and References For: A Mathematical Model of Production” (September 1948) [2pp]

Econ 216

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Forecasting the Effects of Government Fiscal Policy” (February 20, 1948) [11pp]

Econ 217

Leonid Hurwicz, “Homogeneous Systems” (1948)

Econ 218

Don Patinkin, “Manufacturing 1921-41: Preliminary Report” (February 27, 1948) [7pp]

Econ 219

Dick Van Dongen Torman, “Theory and Measurement of Production Functions” (1948) [12pp]

Econ 220

Kenneth J. Arrow, “The Theory of Price Adjustment” (March 7, 1948) [8pp]

Econ 221

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Proof of Samuelson’s Theorem Regarding the Ineffectiveness of Substitution in the Leontief Model” (April 28, 1948) [6pp]

Econ 222

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Preliminary Results on Mobility Labor Study” (May 4, 1948) [5pp]

Econ 223

Trygve Haavelmo, “A Note on the Theory of Investment” (May 4, 1948) [7pp]

Econ 224

Kenneth J. Arrow, “A Formal Theory of Aggregation” (June 14, 1948) [12pp]

Econ 225

Lawrence R. Klein, “Maximizing Profit Integral under Imperfect Competition” (June 25, 1948) [3pp]

Econ 226

Jacob Marschak, “Measureable Utility and the Theory of Assets” (July 21, 1948) [23pp]

Econ 226A

Jacob Marschak, “Measureable Utility and the Theory of Assets” (Abbreviated and revised version) (July 21, 1948) [5pp]

Econ 227

Evsey D. Domar, “Comment on L. R. Klein’s Economic Fluctuations in the United States 1921–1941 (Second draft, June 1947)” (June 1948) [8pp]

Econ 228

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Comments on the Input-Output Technique” (October 4, 1948) [9pp]

Econ 229

Stanley Reiter and Gershon Cooper, “Price Flexibility in the Friedman Proposal” (October 5, 1948) [2pp]

Econ 230

A. R. Prest, “Some Experiments in Demand Analysis: (Section III) Significance and Value of Results” (November 16, 1948) [18pp]

Econ 231

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Comments on Demand Analysis For Individual Commodities” (November 23, 1948) [2pp] (See Stat 321)

Econ 232

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Computational Suggestions for Maximizing a Linear Function Subject to Linear Inequalities” (November 23, 1948) [5pp]

Econ 233

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Comments on ‘Some Experiments in Demand analysis’ by A. R. Prest (Econ 230)” (1948) [2pp]

Econ 234

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “The Econometric Approach to Business Fluctuations (First Draft)” (December 25, 1948) [14pp]

Econ 234A

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “The Econometric Approach to Business Fluctuations (Paper)” (December 25, 1948) [15pp]

Econ 235

Jacob Marschak, “Liquidity of Assets and Contracts under Complete Information” [Plus amended Section 7] (December 7, 1948) [24pp]

Econ 236

Franco Modigliani, “Contributions to the Discussion of K. J. Arrow’s Paper on ‘The Possibility of a Universal Social Welfare Function,’ pp. 10-11” (December 10, 1948) [5pp]

Econ 237

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Second Thoughts on Social Welfare Indices” (December 10, 1948) [13pp]

Econ 237R

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Corrigendum to ‘Second Thoughts on Social Welfare Indices’” (December 28, 1948) [3pp]

Econ 238

Kenneth J. Arrow, “The Possibility of a Social Welfare Index (Abstract and Notation)” (December 16, 1948) [4pp]

Econ 239

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Contribution to the Discussion of Professor Leontief’s Paper on ‘Recent Developments in the Study of Inter-industrial Relationships’” (1948) [3pp]

Econ 240

Jacob Marschak, “Third Thoughts on Liquidity and Uncertainty” (December 30, 1948) [4pp]

Econ 241

Carl F. Christ, “Further Comments on L.R. Klein’s Economic Fluctuations in the United States 1921–1941 (second Draft)” (January 10, 1949) [24pp]

Econ 241A

Carl F.  Christ, “Logical Relations between Production Function and Demand Equations for Factor” (February 4, 1949) [4pp]

Econ 242

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Homogeneous Systems in Mathematical Economics: A Comment” (January 20, 1949) [7pp]

Econ 243A

Nicholas Georgescu-Roegen, “Limitational Factors of Production and the Allocation of Resources (Outline)” (1949) [2pp]

Econ 244

Kenneth J. Arrow, “Similarity as the Basis of Social Welfare Judgments” (January 26, 1949) [12pp]

Econ 245

Kenneth J. Arrow, “On the Proof of the Possibility Theorem for Social Welfare Functions” (January 25, 1949) [36pp]