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It is therefore not possible in many economic problems to separate causes and effects by varying the causes one at a time, studying the separate effect of each cause — a method so fruitful in the natural sciences. On the other hand, economists do possess more elaborate and better established theories of economic behavior than the theories of motion of material bodies known to Kepler…. While much in these theories is incomplete and in need of reformulation and elaboration … such theory as we have is an indispensable element in understanding in a quantitative way the formation of economic variables…. An observed regularity not traced to underlying behavior patterns, institutional rules, and laws of production … is of no help whatever in assessing the probable effects of stated economic policies or institutional changes.
               T. Koopmans, 1947, CFP 25a

Since its earliest days, the Cowles Commission and Cowles Foundation have emphasized the importance of empirical research with a firm foundation in economic theory. Much of this work has been aimed at uncovering policy invariant (i.e., “structural”) economic relationships for both positive and normative purposes.

The Cowles Foundation Program in Structural Microeconomics continues in this tradition, supporting cutting edge research in a variety of fields of microeconomics that takes seriously both the statistics and the economics required for informative empirical work. The Structural Microeconomics program sponsors visiting positions, post-docs, conferences, and graduate training.


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  • Attansio, Orazio, University College London
  • Backus, Matthew, Cornell University
  • Bernard, Andrew, Tuck at Dartmouth College
  • Carneiro, Pedro, University College London
  • Chesher, Andrew, University College London
  • Eizenberg, Alon, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Grossman, Gene, Princeton University
  • Mogstad, Magne, University of Chicago
  • Ryan, Nicholas, Yale University
  • Somaini, Paulo, MIT
  • Staiger, Robert, Dartmouth College)
  • Taber, Christopher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ulyssea, Gabriel, PUC-Rio
  • Agarwal, Nikhil, Harvard University
  • Arcidiacono, Peter, Duke University
  • Einav, Liran, Stanford University
  • Florens, Jean-Pierre, Toulouse School of Economics
  • Grossman, Gene, Princeton University
  • Holmes, Thomas J., University of Minnesota
  • Krishna, Kala, Penn State University
  • Lentz, Rasmus, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Pakes, Ariel, Harvard University
  • Taber, Christopher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Arellano, Manuel, CEMFI
  • Asker, John, NYU-Stern School of Business
  • Chaney, Thomas, University of Chicago
  • Blundell, Richard, University College, London
  • Chiappori, Pierre-Andre, Columbia University
  • Ferreyra, Maria, Carnegie Mellon Tepper-School of Business
  • Gandhi, Amit, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Hendel, Igal, Northwestern University
  • Itskhoki, Oleg, Princeton University
  • Khandelwal, Amit, Columbia University Business School
  • Komarova, Tatiana, London School of Economics
  • Krasnokutskaya, Elena, Johns Hopkins University
  • Melitz, Marc, Harvard University
  • Shephard, Andrew, Princeton University
  • Su, Che-Lin, University of Chicago
  • Todd, Petra, University of Pennsylvania
  • Voena, Alessandra, University of Chicago
  • Wolak, Frank, Stanford University
  • Yurukoglu, Ali, Stanford University
  • Cunha, Flavio, University of Pennsylvania
  • De Loecker, Jan, Princeton University
  • Dickstein, Michael, Harvard University
  • Eaton, Jonathan, Penn State
  • Feenstra, Robert, University of California-Davis
  • French, Eric, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
  • Kawai, Kei, Northwestern University
  • Lamadon, Thibaut, University College London
  • Lise, Jeremy, University College London
  • Low, Hamish, University of Cambridge
  • Moretti, Enrico, University of California-Berkeley
  • Nevo, Aviv, Northwestern University
  • Abbring, Jaap, Tilburg University
  • Daniel Ackerberg, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Buchinsky, Moshe, University of California-Los Angeles
  • De Loecker, Jan, Princeton University
  • Fox, Jeremy, University of Michigan
  • Gandhi, Amit, University of Wisconsin
  • Heckman, James, University of Chicago
  • Hong, Han, Stanford University
  • Hotz, V. Joseph, Duke University
  • Kastl, Jakub, Stanford University
  • Levin, Jon, Stanford University
  • Lleras-Muney, Adriana, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Nekiplov, Denis, University of California-Berkeley
  • Pistaferri, Luigi, Stanford University
  • Robin, Jean-Marc, Sciences Po, Paris
  • Schiraldi, Pasquale, London School of Economics
  • Tamer, Elie, Northwestern University
  • Wolpin, Kenneth, University of Pennsylvania
  • Heckman, James, University of Chicago
  • Ho, Katherine, Columbia University
  • McFadden, Daniel L., University of California-Berkeley
  • Pakes, Ariel, Harvard University
  • Shcherbakov, Alex, University of Arizona
  • Su, Che-Lin, University of Chicago
  • Urzua, Sergio, Northwestern University
  • Ackerberg, Daniel, University of California-Los Angeles
  • Browning, Martin, University of Oxford
  • Doraszelski, Ulrich, Harvard University
  • Heckman, James, University of Chicago
  • Levinsohn, Jim, University of Michigan
  • Perrigne, Isabelle, Penn State University
  • Shcherbakov, Alex, University of Arizona
  • Taber, Christopher, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Vuong, Quang, Penn State University
  • Valtteri Ahti, Ville, University of Helsinki
  • Bontemps, Christian, University of Toulouse 1
  • Eaton, Jonathan, New York University
  • Ali Hortaçsu, Ali, University of Chicago
  • Kortum, Samuel, University of Minnesota
  • Cabral, Luis, New York University
  • Heckman, James, University of Chicago
  • Hendel, Igal, Northwestern University
  • Kastl, Jakub, Stanford University
  • Kennan, John, University of Wisconsin
  • Li, Tong, Vanderbilt University
  • Robin, Jean-Marc, Université de Paris 1
  • Rust, John, University of Maryland
  • Siow, Aloysius, University of Minnesota
  • Blundell, Richard, University College, London
  • Hortaçsu, Ali, University of Chicago
  • Kennan, John, University of Wisconsin
  • Matzkin, Rosa, Northwestern University
  • Meghir, Costas, University College, London
  • Merlo, Antonio, University of Pennsylvania
  • Pakes, Ariel, Harvard University
  • Whinston, Michael, Northwestern University
  • Porter, Rob, Northwestern University