Submission Guidelines

Cowles Foundation Discussion Papers (CFDPs)

Open to all Cowles research staff and visiting faculty

Fill out the CFDP online form or email a pdf file of your paper to Matt Regan.

Include the following in the body of the email (the first 3 are required):

Please DO NOT submit papers that have been accepted for publication. You have signed a copyright agreement with the publisher, thus giving up your rights to the paper.

Your paper will be posted and available for download on Cowles website in 1 or 2 days. It will also be submitted to arXiv*, RePEc** and SSRN.

*arXiv has strict guidelines when uploading papers and will not accept PDF files that have already been compiled using TeX or LaTeX. To post a paper written in TeX or LaTex, the original TeX/LaTeX file will need to be included with your submission.

**Consider registering with the RePEc Author Serivce (Authors Registered with RePEc). They list papers (working and journal articles) by author and send out monthly download statistics

Cowles Foundation Papers/Reprints (CFPs)

Open to all Cowles research staff and visiting faculty

Submit hard/electronic copy or a link to article using the CFP online form, or email Matt Regan. Be sure to include FULL bibliographic reference.