Discussion Papers

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CFDP 670 Roger Howe, "Linear Complementarity and the Average Volume of Simplicial Cones," (June 1983) [16pp, Abstract]
CFDP 669 James Tobin, "Macroeconomics under Debate," (June 1983) [46pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 656R Russell Cooper, "Optimal Labor Contracts and the Role of Monetary Policy in an Overlapping Generations Model," (December 1982, Revised September 1984) [28pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 654 Tjalling C. Koopmans, Hirofumi Uzawa, "Constancy and Constant Differences of Price Elasticities of Demand," () [ Abstract]
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CFDP 652 Alan J. Auerbach, Laurence Kotlikoff, "Investment Versus Savings Incentives: The Size of the Bang for the Buck and the Potential for Self-Financing Business Tax Cuts," (November 1982) [44pp, Abstract]
CFDP 651 John Geanakoplos, Geoffrey M. Heal, "A Geometric Explanation of the Transfer Paradox in a Stable Economy," (November 1982) [24pp, Abstract] , (See: 577)
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CFDP 647R Russell Cooper, "On Allocative Distortions in Problems of Self-Selection," (September 1982, Revised January 1983) [33pp, Abstract] , (See: 615)
CFDP 646 John J. Beggs, "Time Series Behavior of Prices for Overlapping Futures Contracts, with an Application to Soybean Futures," () [ Abstract]
CFDP 645 Peter C. B. Phillips, "ERA's: A New Approach to Small Sample Theory," (August 1982) [42pp, Abstract] , (See: 573)
CFDP 644 Martine Quinzii, "Core and Competitive Equilibria with Indivisibilities," (August 1982) [44pp, Abstract]
CFDP 643 John Geanakoplos, "Utility Functions for Debreu's ‘Excess Demands'," (August 1982) [31pp, Abstract] , (See: 600)
CFDP 642 John Geanakoplos, Heracles M. Polemarchakis, "On the Disaggregation of Excess Demand Functions," (August 1982) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 641 John Geanakoplos, James K. Sebenius, "Don't Bet on It," (July 1982) [12pp, Abstract] , (See: 572)
CFDP 640 John Geanakoplos, Takatoshi Ito, "On Implicit Contracts and Involuntary Unemployment," (July 1982) [46pp, Abstract]
CFDP 639 John Geanakoplos, Heracles M. Polemarchakis, "We Can't Disagree Forever," (July 1982) [16pp, Abstract] , (See: 552)
CFDP 638 Peter C. B. Phillips, "(-infinity,infinity)," (July 1982) [5pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 636 John J. Beggs, "A Bookmaker or Market Type Test for Specification in Discrete Choice Models," (June 1982) [10pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 634R Pradeep Dubey, John Geanakoplos, Martin Shubik, "Revelation of Information in Strategic Market Games: A Critique of Rational Expectations," (November 1982, Revised March 1985) [51pp, Abstract] , (See: 686)
CFDP 634 Pradeep Dubey, John Geanakoplos, Martin Shubik, "Revelation of Information in Strategic Market Games: A Critique of Rational Expectations," (November 1982) [42pp, Abstract]
CFDP 633 John J. Beggs, "Time Series Analysis in Pooled Cross Sections," () [ Abstract]
CFDP 632 Herbert E. Scarf, "Integral Polyhedra in Three Space," (June 1982) [86pp, Abstract] , (See: 624A)
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CFDP 630 John J. Beggs, "A Bookmaker or Market Type Test for Specification in Discrete Choice Models," () [ Abstract]
CFDP 629 Pradeep Dubey, Mamoru Kaneko, "Information About Moves in Extensive Games: II," (April 1982) [26pp, Abstract]