CFDP 2293

Long Term Effects of Cash Transfer Programs in Colombia


Publication Date: July 2021

Pages: 17


Conditional Cash transfer (CCT) programs have been shown to have positive effects on a variety of outcomes including education, consumption and health visits, amongst others. We estimate the long-run impacts of the urban version of Familias en Acción, the Colombian CCT program on crime, teenage pregnancy, high school dropout and college enrollment using a Regression Discontinuity design on administrative data. ITT estimates show a reduction on arrest rates of 2.7pp for men and a reduction on teenage pregnancy of 2.3pp for women. High school dropout rates were reduced by 5.8pp and college enrollment was increased by 1.7pp for men.

Keywords: CCT programs, human capital accumulation, crime, adolescent pregnancy, RDD

JEL Classification Codes: D04, K42, I23, I28, I38, J13

JEL Classification Codes: D04K42I23I28I38J13

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