CFDP 2138

Apologia Pro Vita Sua: The Vanishing of the White Whale in the Mists


Publication Date: July 2018

Pages: 7

Abstract: There are many analogies among fortune hunting in business, politics, and science. The prime task of the gold digger was to go to the Klondikes, find the right mine and mine the richest veins. This task requires motivation, sense of purpose and ability. Techniques and equipment must be developed. Fortune hunting in New England was provided at one time by hunting for whales. One went to a great whalers’ station such as New Bedford and joined the whale hunters. The hunt in academic research is similar. A single-minded passion is called for. These notes here are the wrap-up comments containing some terminal observations of mine on a hunt for a theory money and financial institutions.

Keywords: Game Theory, Money, Financial Institutions

JEL Classification Codes: A11, B2, E4

JEL Classification Codes: A11