CFDP 1775

Mechanism Design with Limited Information: The Case of Nonlinear Pricing


Publication Date: November 2010

Pages: 12


We analyze the canonical nonlinear pricing model with limited information. A seller offers a menu with a finite number of choices to a continuum of buyers with a continuum of possible valuations. By revealing an underlying connection to quantization theory, we derive the optimal finite menu for the socially efficient and the revenue-maximizing mechanism. In both cases, we provide an estimate of the loss resulting from the usage of a finite n-class menu. We show that the losses converge to zero at a rate proportional to 1/n2 asn becomes large.


Mechanism design, Limited information, Nonlinear pricing, Quantization, Lloyd-max optimality

JEL Classification Codes:  D82, D83, D86

See CFP: 1390