CFDP 1435

Incidental Trends and the Power of Panel Unit Root Tests


Publication Date: September 2003

Pages: 43


The asymptotic local powers of various panel unit root tests are investigated. The power envelope is obtained under homogeneous and heterogeneous alternatives. It is compared with asymptotic power functions of the pooled t-test, the Ploberger–Phillips (2002) test, and a point optimal test in neighborhoods of unity that are of order n–1/4T–1 and n–1/2T–1, depending on whether or not incidental trends are extracted from the panel data. In the latter case, when the alternative hypothesis is homogeneous across individuals, it is shown that the point optimal test and Ploberger–Phillips test both achieve the power envelope and are uniformly most powerful, in contrast to point optimal unit root tests for time series. Some simulations examining the finite sample performance of the tests are reported.


Asymptotic power envelope, Common point optimal test, Heterogeneous alternatives, Incidental trends, Local to unity, Power function, Panel unit root test

JEL Classification Codes:  C22, C23

See CFP: 1215