CFDP 1004

The Cowles Commission Approach, Real Business Cycle Theories, and New Keynesian Economics


Publication Date: February 1992

Pages: 22


The Cowles Commission approach is reviewed and compared to the approaches of real business cycle (RBC) theorists and new Keynesian economists. It is argued that RBC models are not tested in a serious enough way and that the new Keynesian literature is not empirical enough for testing even to be a serious possibility. Macroeconomics seems to be moving away from its traditional empirical basis, which is sad. This paper argues for returning to the path that was abandoned by most macroeconomists around 1970, namely the specification and testing of structural macroeconometric models.


Macroeconomic models, specification testing, model specification

JEL Classification Codes: B41, B22

See CFP: 821