Trade and Inequality

Pinelopi Goldberg
Edward Elgar Publishing | 2015 | ISBN: 9781783479474

(Contributors: D. Autor, A. Costinot, R. Feenstra, G. Hanson, E. Helpman, N. Pavcnik, S. Redding, P. Topalova, E. Verhoogen, A. Wood) 

This volume brings together the most influential theoretical and empirical contributions to the topic of trade and inequality from recent years. Segregating it into four key areas, the collection forms a comprehensive study of the subject, targeted at academic readers familiar with the main trade models and empirical methods used in economics. The first two parts cover empirical evidence on trade and inequality in developed and developing countries, while the third and fourth sections confront transition dynamics following trade liberalization and new theoretical contributions inspired by the previously-discussed empirical evidence, respectively.