Commission Discussion Papers, Statistics


Stat 347

Clifford Hildreth, “Combining Cross Section Data and Time Series” (May 15, 1950) [13pp]

Stat 348

Leonid Hurwicz, “On Specification Bias” (1950) [10pp]

Stat 349

John Gurland, “Estimation of the Regressive and Covariance Parameters in Linear Regression” (1950) [16pp]

Stat 350

Erling Sverdrup, “Some Remarks on Admissible Minimax Solutions to Statistical Decision Problems” (November 6, 1950) [17pp]

Stat 351

James G. C. Templeton, “Computation at the Cowles Commission” (November 7, 1950) [5pp]

Stat 352

Leonid Hurwicz, “Bayes and Minimax Interpretation of the Maximum Likelihood Estimation Criterion” (December 15, 1950) [22pp]

Stat 353

Herbert A. Simon, “The Casual Principle and the Identification Problem” (December 19, 1950) [19pp]

Stat 354

John Gurland, “Distribution of Ratios of Quadratic Forms” (January 17, 1951) [15pp]

Stat 355

Leonid Hurwicz, “The Generalized Bayes-minimax Principle: A Criterion for Decision-making under Uncertainty” (February 8, 1951) [7pp]

Stat 356

Leonid Hurwicz, “A Class of Criteria for Decision-making under Ignorance” (February 9, 1951) [3pp]

Stat 357

Leonid Hurwicz, “Aggregation as a Problem in Decision-making under Ignorance or Uncertainty” (February 22, 1951) [5pp]

Stat 358

Never issued (1951)

Stat 359

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Comments on Causality and Identification” (March 21, 1951) [3pp]

Stat 360

Tjalling C. Koopmans, “Identification Problems in Latent Structure Analysis” (May 11, 1951) [12pp]

Stat 361

John Gurland, “Distribution of Quadratic Forms and Ratios of Quadratic Forms” [Includes Errata] (June 22, 1951) [20pp]

Stat 362

Roy Radner, “Note on Generalized Convex Functions and the Decision Problem” (July 17, 1951) [10pp]

Stat 363

Tjalling C. Koopmans and William C. Hood, “The Estimation of Simultaneous Linear Economic Relations (Draft of Chapter V for Monograph 14” (1951) [118pp]

Stat 363A

Tjalling C. Koopmans and William C. Hood, “Updated Section 3 of ‘The Estimation of Simultaneous Linear Economic Relations’ (Stat 363)” (1951) [6pp]

Stat 364

Clifford Hildreth, “Structural Estimates from Means of Subsets of Observations” (August 5, 1951) [38pp]

Stat 365

Theodore W. Anderson, “A Suggested Application of the Limited Information Maximum Likelihood Method of Estimation” (1951) [2pp]

Stat 366

Stephen G. Allen, “Estimation of a Single Equation in a Complete System of Stochastic Equations with Cross-section, Time Series Data” (October 8, 1951) [12pp]

Stat 367

Roy Radner, “Rational Selection of a Decision Function in an Observational Situation” (October 23, 1951) [7pp]

Stat 368

John Gurland, “Autocorrelation of the Disturbances in Linear Regression” (November 13, 1951) [29pp]

Stat 369

Leonid Hurwicz, “Comments on Statistical Decisions” (November 29, 1951) [3pp]

Stat 370

Leonid Hurwicz, “Optimality Criteria for Decision Making under Ignorance” (December 11, 1951) [16pp]

Stat 371

Roy Radner, “Consistent Decision Functions and Bayes Solution” (February 1, 1952) [5pp]

Stat 372

I. N. Herstein, “Note on Optimality Criteria for Decision-making under Ignorance” (March 3, 1952) [5pp]

Stat 373

Roy Radner, “Consistent Decision Functions and Bayes Solutions” (April 30, 1952) [20pp]

Stat 374

Donald J. Daly, “The Christ and Canadian Econometric Models – Some Comparisons in Approach” (May 12, 1952) [16pp]

Stat 375

Clifford Hildreth and Frank Jarrett, “A Statistical Study of Livestock Production and Marketing” (1952) [No copy exists] [See Monograph 15]

Stat 376

Hendrik S. Houthakker, “The Specification Problem in Regression Analysis” (November 19, 1952) [7pp]

Stat 377

Herbert A. Simon, “Spurious Correlation: A Casual Interpretation” (March 20, 1953) [18pp] [See CFP 89]

Stat 378

Herman Chernoff, “Rational Selection of Decision Functions” (April 10, 1953) [44pp] [See CFP 91]

Stat 379

Clifford Hildreth, “Point Estimates of Ordinates of Concave Functions” (June 10, 1953) [22pp] [See CFP 88]

Stat 380

Christopher B. Winsten, “The Numerical Solution of Equation of the Type (1 – A)x = B” (1953) (Withdrawn)

Stat 381

Leo A. Goodman, “A Comment on Consistent Estimation in an Econometric Shock Model” (September 14, 1953) [4pp]

Stat 382

Herman Wold, “Comment on Goodman’s Discussion Paper (Stat 381) ‘A Comment on Consistent Estimation in an Econometric Shock Model’” (November 11, 1953) [2pp]

Stat 383

S. J. Prais and Christopher B. Winsten, “Trend Estimators and Serial Correlation” (February 24, 1954) [26pp]

Stat 384

Francis A. Bobkoski and Lester G. Telser, “Analysis of Variance with a Certain Linear Restriction” (April 21, 1954) [5pp]

Stat 385

Roy Radner and Francis A. Bobkoski, “Some Recent Work of H. Theil on Estimation in Systems of Simultaneous Equations” (May 28, 1954) [10pp]

Stat 386

Roy Radner, “The Quadratic Team, I” (August 2, 1954) [26pp]

Stat 387

Roy Radner, “Minimax Estimates in Markoff Situations” (April 22, 1955) [6pp]