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Research Staff

K. Sudhir

James L. Frank '32 Professor of Management and Professor of Economics

Professor K. Sudhir is James L Frank Professor of Private Enterprise, Management and Marketing and Director of the Yale China India Insights Program (CIIP). His research focuses on gaining market insights by analyzing consumer and firm actions through econometric modeling. As director of the China India Insights Program, he specializes in research on consumers in emerging markets. He has consulted for Fortune 500 US firms and Indian firms across many industries such as technology, financial services, entertainment, and retailing, specializing in analyzing their internal data to obtain actionable market insights. He leads the various data-driven research projects at the Yale Center for Customer Insights.

Professor Sudhir’s research has been honored with numerous awards across all major quantitative marketing journals. Two of his papers published in 2001 were among the top ten finalists for papers with the most Long Term Impact published in Marketing Science and Management Science in the previous ten years from 2009-11. He has received the Bass and Little Awards at Marketing Science and the Lehmann Award at the Journal of Marketing Research; and honorable mentions for the Wittink Award in Quantitative Marketing and Economics and Best Paper Award in International Journal of Research in Marketing. He has also been a finalist for the the Paul Green Award at the Journal of Marketing Research.

Professor Sudhir is currently the Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Science. He previously served as Senior Editor at Marketing Science and Associate Editor at all of quantitative marketing’s leading journals, the Journal of Marketing Research, Management Science, Marketing Science, and Quantitative Marketing and Economics.