Kowalski awarded Greer Prize


Amanda Kowalski has been awarded the Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for her outstanding scholarship in social sciences.  In an email sent to Kowalski from Alan Gerber, one of the committee members, he said “The committee was extremely impressed with your work on health care policy, and cited in particular your recent work, published in the American Economic Review, in which you develop a model of the insurance market that incorporates a key element of recent health reforms: an individual mandate.”

Continuing, the message states, “Amanda Kowalski is one of the leaders of an emerging generation of health economists who bring together theoretical models of insurance under incomplete information and advanced econometric techniques to provide new insights about the current state of the markets for health care and to suggest new avenues to pursue for future health policy.”

The prize carries an award of funding to support future research.  Kowalski, along with the other Greer and Heyman Prize recipients, will be will be honored in the fall with a dinner hosted by Tamar Gendler, dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.