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December 16, 2022 | News

The Yale Economics 2022 Annual Magazine Marks a New Era for the Department

Magazine 2022 Cover

Read the full Department of Economics 2022 Annual Magazine Here.

The Department of Economics is excited to release its 2022 Annual Magazine. More than two years into the pandemic, academic life in the Department has mostly returned to normal. During this unprecedented period, faculty, staff, and students worked together in new ways to carry on the full range of business in the Department, and we are happy to report that the Department continues to thrive despite the many obstacles it’s had to overcome.

The 2022 Annual Magazine marks a new era for Yale Economics. In the past year, we've recruited new faculty, worked with architects and Yale planners to construct a new building which we will move to in January 2023, launched two new websites ( and, and made significant investments in communications to better feature faculty research and teaching.

The Department’s academic programs also continue to thrive, and Economics remains the largest undergraduate major at Yale. This year there are nearly 250 seniors majoring either in Economics or one of its joint majors. In addition, our PhD program, with 135 students in residence, continues to attract the best students from around the world.

The Department’s three affiliated research centers—the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, the Economic Growth Center, and the Tobin Center for Economic Policy—continue to create an unparalleled environment for teaching and research in economics at Yale. The Tobin Center, in conjunction with the Department, runs one of the largest programs for two-year Predoctoral Fellows in the country, with over fifty such fellows in residence this year.

The Magazine opens with a letter from Department Chair Tony Smith, and features:

  • The Department's new faculty, building, and websites;
  • Retirements of senior faculty members Robert Shiller and Tim Guinnane;
  • Research and policy updates from the Department's three research centers: the Cowles Foundation for Research in Economics, the Economic Growth Center, and the Tobin Center for Economic Policy;
  • New research and initiatives related to the economics of the digital economy;

  • A feature story on how Yale economists are informing US domestic health care policy;

  • An interview with new faculty member Lauren Bergquist on how to improve agricultural markets in East Africa;

  • Letters from our Director of Graduate Studies and Director of Undergraduate Studies;

  • The impressive array of faculty awards and talks from the past year; and

  • An update from our Predoc Program, which has now onboarded over 100 predocs who have supported 60+ faculty members.

Read the full Department of Economics 2022 Annual Magazine Here

The 2022 Magazine was written and edited by Martha Coven, Noah Robinson, and Luke Strathmann. With special thanks to: Michelle Hann, Vestal McIntyre, Nat McLaughlin, Pam O’Donnell, Dorothy Ovelar, Emily Radel, Aishwarya Lakshmi Ratan, Renée Sanacora, Dave Wilkinson, and all the faculty who helped contribute to this report. The Magazine was designed by Pure Design LLC, and features artwork by Vashon, WA based artist Sean Williams