The 2016 North American Meeting of the Econometric Society

The Cowles Foundation is sponsoring the Cowles Lecture at this year’s 2016 North American Meeting of the Econometric Society (ES NASM 2016) which will take place in Philadelphia PA, June 16 to 19, 2016. The Meeting is hosted by the Wharton School and the Department of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania.  More information can be found on the conference website.
In addition to submitted papers, there will be three named lectures, and nine semi-plenary sessions. 

The named lectures are:

Walras-Bowley Lecture: Fabrizio Zillibotti

Cowles Lecture:  Rosa Matzkin

Cass Lecture:  Andrzej Skrzypacz

The semi-plenary sessions are:

Econometrics:  Stephane Bonhomme and Stefan Hoderlein

Development:  Antoinette Schoar and Seema Jayachandran

Macroeconomics:  Gianluca Violante and Ivan Werning

Industrial Organization:  Robert Town and Steven Berry

Information Design:  Jeffrey Ely and Stephen Morris

Price Dynamics: Virgiliu Midrigan and Yuriy Gorodnichenko

Bounded Rationality:  Sylvain Chassang and Rani Spiegler

Firms & Productivity: Chad Syverson and Pete Klenow

Trade: Arnaud Costinot and Giovanni Maggi

The Program Chairs are Ulrich Doraszelski and George Mailath, both of the University of Pennsylvania.