Management Science Seminars, 1956-1963

These seminars, initiated in 1956, were aimed at promoting knowledge in the management sciences. The meetings served as a medium for the two-way exchange of ideas between members of the Yale academic community and management people in Connecticut industries.

Jun. 19 Melvin Salveson, General Electric Company, “The Role of Entrepreneurship in a Large Decentralized Corporation”
Jul. 21 Robert Summers, Yale University, “Inventory Policies and Queuing Theory”
Aug. 28 O. Wendell Hamilton, Stevenson, Jordan, and Harrison, Inc., “Inventory Management in a Corporate Firm Manufacturing to a Stock Position”
Sep. 27 Gershon Cooper, Dunlap and Associates, “Acquisition of Capital Assets by a Business Firm: A Case Study”
Nov. 9 Albert O. Hirschman, Yale University, “Demand Analysis in Underdeveloped Countries: Two Case Studies from Colombia”
Dec. 5 Tjalling C. Koopmans, Yale University, “Water Storage Policy in a Simplified Hydroelectric System”
Jan. 17 Alan S. Manne, Yale University, “Programming of Economic Lot Sizes”
Mar. 5 Royal Crystal, Connecticut Medical Service, “Cost Analysis at C.M.S”
Apr. 16 Alan Goldman, Norden-Ketay, Inc., “Information Flow and Worker Productivity”
Apr. 23 Leo Schnitzer, Burndy Corporation, “Some Experiences in Applying Inventory Control Models”
May 7 David Votaw, Yale University, “Industrial Quality Control”
May 22 Martin J. Beckmann, Yale University, “An Economist Looks at the Theory of Inventory Control”
Feb. 5 Harold W. Watts, General Electric Company, “Maximization Aims in Business Enterprises”
Apr. 22 George Dantzig, The RAND Corporation, “Linear Programming”
May 28 Jacob Marschak, Yale University, “The Theory of Organization”
Feb. 5 Harold W. Watts, General Electric Company, “Maximization Aims in Business Enterprises”
Apr. 22 George B. Dantzig, RAND Corporation, “Linear Programming” May 28. Jacob Marschak, Yale University, “The Theory of Organization”
Oct. 21 W. Reed Smith, U.S. Rubber Company, “Applications of Experimental Design”
Nov. 10 Erich Schneider, University of Kiel, “On the Realism of Marginalist Thinking in Business Problems”
Nov. 25 Ralph Gomory and E.M.L. Beale, Princeton University, “Integer Solutions to Linear Programs”
Jan. 28 Julius Aronofsky, Socony Mobil Company, “Linear Programming Applications in an Integrated Oil Company”
Mar. 11 Robert Fetter, Yale University, “Production Planning for a Multi-Product Facility”
May 6 William S. Stapakis and Kenneth R. Blake, United Aircraft Corporation, “Some Theoretical Results on the Job Shop Scheduling Problem”
Oct. 20 Harry Markowitz, General Electric Company, “Computer Simulation of Production Processes”
Nov. 12 Arthur Yaspan, Lybrand, Ross Bros., and Montgomery, “Inventory Policies”
Nov. 30 George Feeney, General Electric Company, “Operational Games as Marketing Experiments”
Jan. 14 John Gessford, International Paper Company, “Some Inventory Models and Their Optimal Policies”
Nov. 27 Ralph E. Gomory, IBM Research Center, “Large and Non-Convex Linear Programming Problems”
Dec. 11 Geoffrey Clarkson, Princeton University, “A Model of Trust Investment Behavior”
Jan. 15 Peter R. Winters, Carnegie Institute of Technology, “Constrained Inventory Rules for Production Smoothing”
Feb. 5 Stuart Dreyfus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Dynamic Programming and Modern Control Theory”
Apr. 2 Andrew Stedry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Explorations In the Theory of Budget Control”
Apr. 16 K.S. Kretschmer, General Electric Company, “Contributions to Discriminant Analysis”
May 1 Chris Argyris, Yale University, “Research in Organizational Effectiveness”
Nov. 12 Martin Greenberger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “Management, Automation, and the Computer of the Future”
Dec. 3 Myron J. Gordon, University of Rochester, “Joint Factors, Joint Products, and the Optimal Use of Standard Cost Systems”
Feb. 4 Salah E. Elmaghraby, Yale University, “Theory of Networks and Management Systems”
Mar. 4 Harold W. Kuhn, Princeton University, “On Graph Theory in Management: The History of a Problem”
Apr. 8 Donald Iglehart, Cornell University, “Some Properties of Optimal Policies for Dynamic Inventory Problems”
May 6 Marshall K. Wood, National Planning Association, “PARM — A Detailed Model of the U.S. Economy”