How do I connect an iOS device to the YaleSecure Wi-Fi

1. On the Home screen of your iPad or iPhone, tap the Settings button.

 iOS Settings icon

2. Tap Wi-Fi.
iOS Wi-Fi Settings

3. Toggle Wi-Fi (ON\OFF) switch ON.  Tap YaleSecure

YaleSecure Wi-Fi Listing

4.Fill in the requested information and then tap the Join button.

  • Username: yale\YourYaleNetID (Example: yale\abc123)
  • Password: Your NetID Password

 Username and Password fields

 NOTE: Older versions of the iPad have the Join button on the keyboard. See image below.

4. Tap Accept to finalize the connection to YaleSecure.

 Yale Wi-Fi Certificate

5. You are now connected to YaleSecure.

Connected to YaleSecure Wi-Fi