How do I connect an Android device to the YaleSecure Wi-Fi

NOTE: These instructions apply to Android phones using Android 7 Operating System or higher.

  1. Locate and tap Settings from the applications list. You can also arrive at Settings by pressing the menu button in the lower, left corner of your device.

  2. Tap the Connections tab. Use the slider to turn Wi-Fi ON and then tap Wi-Fi.

    Connections Settings

    3. Allow your device to scan for Wi-Fi networks. Tap YaleSecure when it appears.

    YaleSecure Wi-Fi Menu

    4. Leave the default settings and scroll down to locate the Identity field.  Fill the Identity and Password fields and then tap Connect.

    Identity: yale\YourYaleNetID (Example: yale\abc12)


    Password: Your Yale NetID Password

    Identity Example

    5. You are now connected to YaleSecure WiFi.

    YaleSecure Connected