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2021 Conference on Labor Economics & Public Finance

June 7, 2021

Location: Virtual

Organizers: Joseph Altonji and Costas Meghir

Note: The first session on the first day will start in Zoom.


Monday, June 7

10:00am to 10:40am

"Firm Investment, Labor Supply, and the Design of Social Insurance: Evidence from Accommodations for Workplace Disability"

Naoki Aizawa (University of Wisconsin-Madison), *Corina Mommaerts (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Stephanie Rennane (RAND Corporation)

10:40am to 11:20am

"The Old Boys Club: Schmoozing and the Gender Gap"

*Zöe B. Cullen (Harvard University), Ricardo Perez-Truglia (University of California, Berkeley)

11:20am to 11:35am

Coffee Break

11:35am to 12:15pm

"Selection in Surveys"

*Winnie van Dijk (Harvard University), Deniz Dutz (University of Chicago), Ingrid Huitfeld (Statistics Norway ), Santiago Lacouture (University of Chicago)

12:15pm to 12:55pm

"Referral Hiring and Racial Inequality: Evidence from Brazil"

*Conrad Miller (University of California, Berkeley), Ian Schmutte (University of Georgia)

12:55pm to 1:25pm


1:25pm to 2:05pm

"The Punishment Ladder: Estimating the Impact of Different Punishments on Defendant Outcomes"

Kristiina Huttunen (Aalto University), Martti Kaila (University of Helsinki), *Emily Nix (University of Southern California)

2:05pm to 2:45pm

"Does Welfare Prevent Crime? Criminal Justice Involvement Among Youth Receiving Supplemental Security Income"

*Manasi Deshpande (University of Chicago), Michael Mueller-Smith (University of Michigan - Ann Arbor)

2:45pm to 3:00pm

Coffee Break

3:00pm to 3:40pm

"Clinical Trial Sex Composition and Drug Quality"

Britni Wilcher (American University)

3:40pm to 4:20pm

"Mortality Effects and Choice Across Private Health Insurance Plans"

*Jason Abaluck (Yale University), Mauricio Cáceres Bravo (Brown University), Peter Hull (University of Chicago), Amanda Starc (Northwestern University)