Published Papers (Journal Reprints)

CFP 11 Tjalling C. Koopmans, "Statistical Estimation of Simultaneous Economic Relations," Journal of the American Statistical Association, (December 1945), 40(232): 448-466
CFP 10 Herman Rubin, "On the Distribution of the Serial Correlation Coefficient," Annals of Mathematical Statistics, (June 1945), 16(2): 211-215
CFP 9 Jacob Marschak, "A Cross Section of Business Cycle Discussion," American Economic Review, (June 1945), 35(3): 368-381
CFP 8 Oskar (Oscar) Lange, "The Stability of Economic Equilibrium," 91-109 (Appendix published in Oscar Lange, Price Flexibility and Employment, Cowles Commission Monograph No. 8, Principia Press, Inc., Bloomington, IN, 1944)
CFP 7 George Katona, Dickson H. Leavens, "Price Increases and Uptrading: The Change in Advertised Prices of Apparel and House Furnishings," Journal of Business, (October 1944), 17(4): 231-243
CFP 6 Alfred C. Cowles, "Stock Market Forecasting," Econometrica, 12(3/4): 206-214
CFP 5 Jacob Marschak, William H. Andrews, "Random Simultaneous Equations and the Theory of Production," Econometrica, 12(3/4): 143-205
CFP 4 Trygve Haavelmo, "The Probability Approach in Econometrics," Supplement to Econometrica, (July 1944), 12(Supplement): 1-115
CFP 3 Leonid Hurwicz, "Stochastic Models of Economic Fluctuations," Econometrica, (April 1944), 12(2): 114-124
CFP 2 George Katona, "The Role of the Frame of Reference in War and Post-War Economy," American Journal of Sociology, (January 1944), 49(4): 340-347
CFP 1 Oskar (Oscar) Lange, "The Theory of the Multiplier," Econometrica, 11(3-4): 227-228

*This paper series also includes Cowles Commission papers.