Discussion Papers

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CFDP 501 Pradeep Dubey, "Nash Equilibria of Market Games: II. Finiteness," (October 1978) [10pp, Abstract] , (See: 506)
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CFDP 500 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, "Multiplicative Bidding and Convergence to Equilibrium," (October 1978) [16pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 496 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, "Auctions and Bidding Models: A Survey," (September 1978) [48pp, Abstract]
CFDP 495 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, "A Model for the Distribution of the Number of Bidders in an Auction," (September 1978) [13pp, Abstract]
CFDP 494 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, "An Example of a Multi-Object Auction Game," (September 1978) [11pp, Abstract] , (See: 530)
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CFDP 477 Daniel McFadden, "Modelling the Choice of Residential Location," (December 1977) [33pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 474 Daniel McFadden, "Quantitative Methods for Analyzing Travel Behaviour of Individuals: Some Recent Developments," (November 1977) [47pp, Abstract]
CFDP 473 Herbert E. Scarf, "The Computation of Equilibrium Prices: An Exposition," (November 1977) [82pp, Abstract] , (See: 541)
CFDP 472R Laurence Weiss, "The Effects of Money Supply on Economic Welfare in the Steady State," (November 1977, Revised October 1978) [22pp, Abstract] , (See: 512)
CFDP 471R Pradeep Dubey, Robert J. Weber, "Probabilistic Values for Games," (November 1977, Revised September 1978) [33pp, Abstract]
CFDP 471 Pradeep Dubey, Robert J. Weber, "Probabilistic Values for Games," (November 1977) [50pp, Abstract]
CFDP 470 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, "Sealed Bid Auctions with Non-Additive Bid Functions," (October 1977) [20pp, Abstract]
CFDP 469 Richard Engelbrecht-Wiggans, "The Greedy Heuristic Applied to a Class of Set Partitioning and Subset Selection Problems," (October 1977) [16pp, Abstract]
CFDP 468 Gary Smith, "The Long Run Implications of an IS-LM Simulation Model," (October 1977) [22pp, Abstract]
CFDP 467 Pradeep Dubey, Martin Shubik, "Information Conditions, Communication and General Equilibrium," (October 1977) [26pp, Abstract] , (See: 526)
CFDP 466 Gary Smith, "The Long Run Implications of a Two Sector Model with Immobile Capital," (October 1977) [24pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 462 Martin Shubik, "A Theory of Money and Financial Institutions," (September 1977) [35pp, Abstract]
CFDP 461 Gary Smith, "Equilibrium and Disequilibrium Interpretations of the IS-LM Model," (August 1977) [32pp, Abstract]
CFDP 460R Martin Shubik, "Strategic Market Games: A Sketch of an Approach to the theory of Money and Financial Institutions. Together with an Informal Guide to Some Papers," (August 1977) [64pp, Abstract]
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CFDP 458 James Tobin, "How Dead is Keynes?," (July 1977) [17pp, Abstract] , (See: 456)
CFDP 457 William D. Nordhaus, Ludo Van der Heyden, "Modeling Technological Change: Use of Mathematical Programming Models in the Energy Sector," (June 1977) [56pp, Abstract]
CFDP 456 James Tobin, "Monetary Policies and the Economy — The Transmission Mechanism," (June 1977) [21pp, Abstract] , (See: 462)