Discussion Papers

CFDP 1741 Yoonseok Lee, Ryo Okui, "A Specification Test for Instrumental Variables Regression with Many Instruments," (December 2009) [28pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1740 Sokbae Lee, Yoon-Jae Whang, "Nonparametric Tests of Conditional Treatment Effects," (November 2009) [68pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1739 Johannes Hörner, Stefano Lovo, Tristan Tomala, "https://cowles.yale.edu/sites/default/files/files/pub/d17/d1739.pdf," (November 2009) [70pp, Abstract][Supplemental material]
CFDP 1738 Helios Herrera, Johannes Hörner, "Biased Social Learning," (November 2009) [35pp, Abstract] , (See: 1380)
CFDP 1737 Johannes Hörner, Dinah Rosenberg, Eilon Solan, Nicolas Vieille, "On a Markov Game with One-Sided Incomplete Information," (November 2009) [24pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1736 Xavier Vives, "Strategic Supply Function Competition with Private Information," (October 2009) [79pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1735 Giovanni Maggi, Robert W. Staiger, "Breach, Remedies and Dispute Settlement in Trade Agreements," (October 2009) [52pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1734 Yi-Chun Chen, Alfredo Di Tillio, Eduardo Faingold, Siyang Xiong, "Uniform Topologies on Types," (October 2009) [37pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1733 Martin Shubik, "El Farol Revisited: A Note on Emergence, Game Theory and Society," (October 2009) [4pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1732 Steven T. Berry, Philip A. Haile, "Identification of a Heterogeneous Generalized Regression Model with Group Effects," (October 2009) [20pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1731 Chunrong Ai, Xiaohong Chen, "Semiparametric Efficiency Bound for Models of Sequential Moment Restrictions Containing Unknown Functions," (October 2009) [40pp, Abstract] , (See: 1366)
CFDP 1730R2 Juergen Huber, Martin Shubik, Shyam Sunder, "Default Penalty as a Selection Mechanism among Multiple Equilibria," (October 2009, Revised October 2014) [41pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1730R Juergen Huber, Martin Shubik, Shyam Sunder, "Default Penalty as a Selection Mechanism among Multiple Equilibria," (October 2009, Revised December 2012) [37pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1730 Juergen Huber, Martin Shubik, Shyam Sunder, "Default Penalty as a Disciplinary and Selection Mechanism in Presence of Multiple Equilibria," (October 2009) [43pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1729 Cheng-Zhong Qin, Lloyd S. Shapley, Martin Shubik, "Marshallian Money, Welfare, and Side-Payments," (September 2009) [26pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1728 Ray C. Fair, "Has Macro Progressed?," (September 2009, Updated July 2010) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1727 Ray C. Fair, "Possible Macroeconomic Consequences of Large Future Federal Government Deficits," (September 2009, Revised February 2010) [24pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1726R3 Johannes Hörner, Larry Samuelson, "Incentives for Experimenting Agents," (September 2009, Revised June 2013) [156pp, Abstract] , (See: 1413)
CFDP 1726R2 Johannes Hörner, Larry Samuelson, "Incentives for Experimenting Agents," (September 2009, Revised March 2013) [151pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1726R Johannes Hörner, Larry Samuelson, "Incentives for Experimenting Agents," (September 2009, Revised January 2012) [141pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1726 Johannes Hörner, Larry Samuelson, "Incentives for Experimenting Agents," (September 2009) [65pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1725 Itzhak Gilboa, Larry Samuelson, "Subjectivity in Inductive Inference," (August 2009) [48pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1724 Vadim Marmer, Taisuke Otsu, "Optimal Comparison of Misspecified Moment Restriction Models under a Chosen Measure of Fit," (August 2009, Revised July 2011) [35pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1723 Eduardo Engel, Ronald Fischer, Alexander Galetovic, "Soft Budgets and Renegotiations in Public-Private Partnerships," (August 2009) [34pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1722 Yuichi Kitamura, Andres Santos, Azeem M. Shaikh, "On the Asymptotic Optimality of Empirical Likelihood for Testing Moment Restrictions," (August 2009) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1721 Eric Gautier, Yuichi Kitamura, "Nonparametric Estimation in Random Coefficients Binary Choice Models," (August 2009) [50pp, Abstract] , (See: 1378)
CFDP 1720 Yuichi Kitamura, Taisuke Otsu, Kirill Evdokomov, "Robustness, Infinitesimal Neighborhoods, and Moment Restrictions," (August 2009) [39pp, Abstract] , (See: 1382)
CFDP 1719 J. Doyne Farmer, John Geanakoplos, "Hyperbolic Discounting Is Rational: Valuing the Far Future with Uncertain Discount Rates," (August 2009) [17pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1718 Steven T. Berry, Philip A. Haile, "Nonparametric Identification of Multinomial Choice Demand Models with Heterogeneous Consumers," (August 2009, Revised March 2010) [42pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1717 Mark Kamstra, Robert J. Shiller, "The Case for Trills: Giving the People and Their Pension Funds a Stake in the Wealth of the Nation," (August 2009) [30pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1716 William D. Nordhaus, "Alternative Policies and Sea-Level Rise in the RICE-2009 Model," (July 2009) [28pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1715R John Geanakoplos, "The Leverage Cycle," (July 2009, Revised January 2010) [57pp, Abstract] , (See: 1304)
CFDP 1715 John Geanakoplos, "The Leverage Cycle," (July 2009) [54pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1714 Gordon J. Anderson, Oliver B. Linton, Yoon-Jae Whang, "Nonparametric Estimation of a Polarization Measure," (July 2009) [48pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1713 Oliver B. Linton, Kyungchul Song, Yoon-Jae Whang, "An Improved Bootstrap Test of Stochastic Dominance," (July 2009) [43pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1712 Cheng-Zhong Qin, Martin Shubik, "Selecting a Unique Competitive Equilibrium with Default Penalties," (July 2009) [20pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1711 John Geanakoplos, Stephen P. Zeldes, "Market Valuation of Accrued Social Security Benefits," (July 2009) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1710 Pradeep Dubey, John Geanakoplos, "Grading Exams: 100, 99, 98,...or A, B, C?," (July 2009) [37pp, Abstract] , (See: 1302)
CFDP 1709 John Geanakoplos, Pradeep Dubey, "Credit Cards and Inflation," (July 2009) [50pp, Abstract] , (See: 1330)
CFDP 1708 John Geanakoplos, Ioannis Karatzas, Martin Shubik, William D. Sudderth, "Inflationary Equilibrium in a Stochastic Economy with Independent Agents," (June 2009) [30pp, Abstract] , (See: 1420)
CFDP 1707 William D. Nordhaus, John R. Oneal, Bruce Russett, "The Effects of the Security Environment on Military Expenditures: Pooled Analyses of 165 Countries, 1950-2000," (June 2009, Revised October 2009) [34pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1706 Ray C. Fair, "Analyzing Macroeconomic Forecastability," (June 2009, Updated April 2010) [20pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1705 William D. Nordhaus, "Measurement of Income with Time Use with Applications to Hedonic Indicators of Happiness and Misery," (June 2009) [24pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1704 Peter C. B. Phillips, Liangjun Su, "A Paradox of Inconsistent Parametric and Consistent Nonparametric Regression," (June 2009) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1703 Jin Seo Cho, Chirok Han, Peter C. B. Phillips, "LAD Asymptotics under Conditional Heteroskedasticity with Possibly Infinite Error Densities," (June 2009) [10pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1702 Peter C. B. Phillips, Liangjun Su, "Nonparametric Structural Estimation via Continuous Location Shifts in an Endogenous Regressor," (June 2009) [42pp, Abstract] , (See: 1346)
CFDP 1701 Chirok Han, Jin Seo Cho, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Infinite Density at the Median and the Typical Shape of Stock Return Distributions," (June 2009) [32pp, Abstract] , (See: 1338)
CFDP 1700 Ioannis Kasparis, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Dynamic Misspecification in Nonparametric Cointegrating Regression," (June 2009) [32pp, Abstract] , (See: 1374)
CFDP 1699 Peter C. B. Phillips, Yangru Wu, Jun Yu, "Explosive Behavior in the 1990s Nasdaq: When Did Exuberance Escalate Asset Values?," (June 2009) [36pp, Abstract]
CFDP 1698 David A. Miller, Kareen Rozen, "Monitoring with Collective Memory: Forgiveness for Optimally Empty Promises," (June 2009, Revised April 2010) [44pp, Abstract]