Discussion Papers

CFDP 2240 Christopher Foote, William D. Nordhaus, Douglas Rivers, "Work in the Time of COVID: Results from the Yale Labor Survey," (June 2020) [12pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2239 Nicholas Ryan, Anant Sudarshan, "Rationing the Commons," (June 2020) [83pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2238 Christoph Breunig, Xiaohong Chen, "Adaptive, Rate-Optimal Testing in Instrumental Variables Models," (June 2020) [70pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2237 Michael D. König, Kjetil Storesletten, Zheng Song, Fabrizio Zilibotti, "From Imitation to Innovation: Where Is All That Chinese R&D Going?," (June 2020) [47pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2236 Xiaohong Chen, Lars P. Hansen, Peter G. Hansen, "Robust Identification of Investor Beliefs," (May 2020) [63pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2235 Mira Frick, Ryota Iijima, Yuhta Ishii, "Stability and Robustness in Misspecified Learning Models," (May 2020) [59pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2234 Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Competition and Public Information: A Note," (May 2020) [6pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2233 Tatiana Didier, Federico Huneeus, Mauricio Larrain, Sergio L. Schmukler, "Financing Firms in Hibernation during the COVID-19 Pandemic," (May 2020) [23pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2232 Rowena Crawford, Cormac O'Dea, "Household Portfolios and Financial Preparedness for Retirement," (January 2020) [66pp, Abstract] , (See: CFP1679)
CFDP 2231 Antoine Bommier, Daniel Harenberg, François Le Grand, Cormac O'Dea, "Recursive Preferences, the Value of Life, and Household Finance," (May 2020) [55pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2230 John Eric Humphries, Christopher Neilson, Gabriel Ulyssea, "The evolving impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses since the CARES Act," (April 2020) [27pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2229 Thomas Kruse, Philipp Strack, "Optimal Control of an Epidemic through Social Distancing," (April 2020) [19pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2228 Francesco Agostinelli, Matthias Doepke, Giuseppe Sorrenti, Fabrizio Zilibotti, "It Takes a Village: The Economics of Parenting with Neighborhood and Peer Effects," (April 2020) [70pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2227 Timo Ehrig, Jaison Manjaly, Aditya Singh, Shyam Sunder, "Adaptive Rationality in Strategic Interaction: Do Emotions Regulate Thinking about Others?," (April 2020) [37pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2226 Pierre-André Chiappori, Monica Costa-Dias, Costas Meghir, "Changes in Assortative Matching: Theory and Evidence for the US," (March 2020) [67pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2225 Pierre-André Chiappori, Monica Costa-Dias, Sam Crossman, Costas Meghir, "Changes in Assortative Matching and Inequality in Income: Evidence for the UK," (March 2020) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2224R Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Search, Information, and Prices," (March 2020, Revised May 2020) [60pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2224)
CFDP 2224 Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Search, Information, and Prices," (March 2020) [59pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2224R)
CFDP 2223 Robert J. Shiller, "Popular Economic Narratives Advancing the Longest U.S. Economic Expansion 2009-2019," (March 2020) [16pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2221 Myrto Kalouptsidi, Yuichi Kitamura, Lucas Lima, Eduardo Souza-Rodrigues, "Partial Identification and Inference for Dynamic Models and Counterfactuals," (February 2020) [63pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2220 John E. Roemer, "What is Socialism Today? Conceptions of a Cooperative Economy," (January 2020) [60pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2219 Soheil Ghili, Vineet Kumar, "Spatial Distribution of Supply and the Role of Market Thickness: Theory and Evidence from Ride Sharing," (January 2020) [70pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2218 Soheil Ghili, Ben Handel, Igal Hendel, Michael D. Whinston, "The Welfare Effects of Long-Term Health Insurance Contracts," (January 2020) [64pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2217 Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Heinrich H. Nax, Bary S. R. Pradelski, "Quick or Cheap? Breaking Points in Dynamic Markets," (January 2020) [45pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2216 Jawwad Noor, "Intuitive Beliefs," (December 2019) [56pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2215 Xiaohong Chen, Zhuo Huang, Yanping Yi, "Efficient Estimation of Multivariate Semi-nonparametric GARCH Filtered Copula Models," (August 2015, Revised October 2019) [78pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2214 Ray C. Fair, "Trade Models and Macroeconomics," (December 2019) [27pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2213R Dirk Bergemann, Francisco Castro, Gabriel Weintraub, "Uniform Pricing Versus Third-Degree Price Discrimination," (December 2019, Revised February 2020) [17pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2213)
CFDP 2213 Dirk Bergemann, Francisco Castro, Gabriel Weintraub, "Third-degree Price Discrimination Versus Uniform Pricing," (December 2019) [21pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2213R)
CFDP 2212 Peter C. B. Phillips, Zhentao Shi, "Boosting: Why you Can Use the HP Filter," (December 2019) [57pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2192)
CFDP 2211 Zhishui Hu, Peter C. B. Phillips, Qiying Wang, "Nonlinear Cointegrating Power Function Regression with Endogeneity," (December 2019) [42pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2210 Igor Kheifets, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Fully Modified Least Squares for Multicointegrated Systems," (December 2019) [36pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2209 Ping Yu, Qin Liao, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Inference and Specification Testing in Threshold Regression with Endogeneity," (December 2019) [87pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2208 Maria Kyriacou, Peter C. B. Phillips, Francesca Rossi, "Continuously Updated Indirect Inference in Heteroskedastic Spatial Models," (December 2019) [41pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2207 Robert W. Dimand, "The Cowles Commission and Foundation for Research in Economics," (November 2019) [23pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2206 Robert W. Dimand, "Irving Fisher, Ragnar Frisch and the Elusive Quest for Measurable Utility," (November 2019) [22pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2205 Robert W. Dimand, "Léon Walras, Irving Fisher and the Cowles Approach to General Equilibrium Analysis," (November 2019) [26pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2204R Jacob Leshno, Philipp Strack, "Bitcoin: An Impossibility Theorem for Proof-of-Work based Protocols," (October 2019, Revised November 2019) [18pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2204)
CFDP 2204 Jacob Leshno, Philipp Strack, "Bitcoin: An Impossibility Theorem for Proof-of-Work based Protocols," (October 2019) [11pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2204R)
CFDP 2203R Dirk Bergemann, Alessandro Bonatti, Tan Gan, "The Economics of Social Data," (September 2019, Revised March 2020) [63pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2203 Dirk Bergemann, Alessandro Bonatti, Tan Gan, "The Economics of Social Data," (September 2019) [60pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2202R Annette Krauss, Donald J. Brown, "Social Exclusion, Ambiguity and (IR)rationality," (September 2019, Revised October 2019) [53pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2202)
CFDP 2202 Donald J. Brown, "Affective Portfolio Analysis: Risk, Ambiguity and (IR)rationality," (September 2019) [57pp, Abstract], (See: CFDP 2202R)
CFDP 2201 Erica Field, Rohini Pande, Natalia Rigol, Simone Schaner, Charity Troyer Moore, "On Her Own Account: How Strengthening Women’s Financial Control Impacts Labor Supply and Gender Norms," (September 2019) [80pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2200 Dirk Bergemann, Tibor Heumann, Stephen Morris, "Information, Market Power and Price Volatility," (September 2019) [37pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2199 Minkyung Kim, K. Sudhir, Kosuke Uetake, "A Structural Model of a Multitasking Salesforce: Multidimensional Incentives and Plan Design," (September 2019) [55pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2198 Caleb M. Koch, Heinrich H. Nax, "'Follow the Data' — What Data Says About Real-world Behavior in Commons Problems," (November 2019) [69pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2197 Richard Blundell, Ran Gu, Soren Leth-Petersen, Hamish Low, Costas Meghir, "Durables and Lemons: Private Information and the Market for Cars," (September 2019) [38pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2196 Robert W. Dimand, Harald Hagemann, "Jacob Marschak and the Cowles Approaches to the Theory of Money and Assets," (September 2019) [24pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2195 Robert W. Dimand, "Macroeconomic Dynamics at the Cowles Commission from the 1930s to the 1950s," (September 2019) [25pp, Abstract]