Discussion Papers

CFDP 2185 Costas Meghir, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Corina Mommaerts, Melanie Morten, "Migration and Informal Insurance," (July 2019) [79pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2184 Donald W. K. Andrews, Soonwoo Kwon, "Inference in Moment Inequality Models That Is Robust to Spurious Precision under Model Misspecification," (July 2019) [43pp, Abstract] [Supplemental material ,82 pp]
CFDP 2183 K. Sudhir, Hortense Fong, Subroto Roy, "Greedy or Grateful? Asking for More when Thanking Donors," (June 2019) [54pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2182 Karim Jamal, Michael Maier, Shyam Sunder, "Aggregation of Diverse Information with Double Auction Trading among Minimally-Intelligent Algorithmic Agents," (June 2019) [43pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2181 Marina Bassi, Costas Meghir, Ana Reynoso, "Education Quality and Teaching Practices," (June 2019) [40pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2180 Mira Frick, Ryota Iijima, Yves Le Yaouanq, "Boolean Expected Utility," (June 2019) [39pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2179 Alexander Gorokhovsky, Anna Rubinchik, "Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Determinacy of Asymptotically Stationary Equilibria in Olg Models," (May 2019) [26pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2178 Vineet Kumar, K. Sudhir, "Can Friends Seed More Buzz and Adoption?," (May 2019) [42pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2177 Guofang Huang, K. Sudhir, "The Causal Effect of Service Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty," (May 2019) [42pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2176 Ishita Chakraborty, Minkyung Kim, K. Sudhir, "Attribute Sentiment Scoring With Online Text Reviews : Accounting for Language Structure and Attribute Self-Selection," (May 2019) [55pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2175 Benjamin Friedrich, Lisa Laun, Costas Meghir, Luigi Pistaferri, "Earnings Dynamics and Firm-Level Shocks," (April 2019) [63pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2174 Richard Blundell, Monica Costa Dias, David Goll, Costas Meghir, "Wages, Experience and Training of Women," (April 2019) [73pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2173 Shabnam Mousavi, Shyam Sunder, "Physical Laws and Human Behavior: A Three-Tier Framework," (February 2019) [21pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2172 Humberto Llavador, John E. Roemer, "Global Unanimity Equilibrium on the Carbon Budget," (March 2019) [33pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2171 Dirk Bergemann, Alessandro Bonatti, "The Economics of Social Data," (March 2019) [12pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2170 Atila Abdulkadiroğlu, Joshua D. Angrist, Yusuke Narita, Parag A. Pathak, "Breaking Ties: Regression Discontinuity Design Meets Market Design," (March 2019) [61pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2169 Ana Fostel, John Geanakoplos, Gregory Phelan, "Global Collateral and Capital Flows," (February 2019) [41pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2168 Robert J. Shiller, "Narratives About Technology-Induced Job Degradation Then and Now," (February 2019) [24pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2167 Pradeep Dubey, John Geanakoplos, "Non-Exclusive Insurance with Free Entry: A Pedagogical Note," (February 2019) [11pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2166 Ray C. Fair, "Inflation in the Great Recession and New Keynesian Models: Comment," (February 2019) [9pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2165 Ray C. Fair, "Some Important Macro Points," (February 2019) [29pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2164 Nicholas Ryan, "Contract Enforcement and Productive Efficiency: Evidence from the Bidding and Renegotiation of Power Contracts in India," (February 2019) [65pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2163 Rodrigo Adão, Costas Arkolakis, Federico Espósito, "Spatial Linkages, Global Shocks, and Local Labor Markets: Theory and Evidence," (February 2019) [108pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2162R Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Counterfactuals with Latent Information," (January 2019, Revised February 2019) [33pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2162 Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Counterfactuals with Latent Information," (January 2019) [26pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2161 George J. Mailath, Larry Samuelson, "The Wisdom of a Confused Crowd: Model-Based Inference," (January 2019) [58pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2160 Mira Frick, Ryota Iijima, Yuhta Ishii, "Misinterpreting Others and the Fragility of Social Learning," (January 2019) [54pp, Abstract] [Supplemental material ,17 pp]
CFDP 2159 Gerald David Jaynes, "Endogenous Beliefs and Institutional Structure in Competitive Equilibrium with Adverse Selection," (January 2019) [37pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2158R Timothy B. Armstrong, Michal Kolesár, "Sensitivity Analysis using Approximate Moment Condition Models," (November 2018, Revised February 2019) [68pp, Abstract] [Supplemental material ,14 pp]
CFDP 2158 Timothy B. Armstrong, Michal Kolesár, "Sensitivity Analysis using Approximate Moment Condition Models," (November 2018) [66pp, Abstract] [Supplemental material ,14 pp]
CFDP 2157 Soheil Ghili, Ehsan Kazemi, Amin Karbasi, "Eliminating Latent Discrimination: Train Then Mask," (January 2019) [10pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2156 Gerald David Jaynes, "A Behavioral Interpretation of the Origins of African American Family Structure," (November 2018) [34pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2155 Yusuke Narita, Shota Yasui, Kohei Yata, "Efficient Counterfactual Learning from Bandit Feedback," (December 2018) [15pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2154 John Geanakoplos, Haobin Wang, "Quantitative Easing, Collateral Constraints, and Financial Spillovers," (December 2018) [43pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2153 Peter C. B. Phillips, Yonghui Zhang, Xiaohu Wang, "HAR Testing for Spurious Regression in Trend," (December 2018) [36pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2152 Peter C. B. Phillips, Shuping Shi, "Real Time Monitoring of Asset Markets: Bubbles and Crises," (November 2018) [24pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2151 Offer Lieberman, Peter C. B. Phillips, "Understanding Temporal Aggregation Effects on Kurtosis in Financial Indices," (June 2018) [39pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2150 Peter C. B. Phillips, "Dynamic Panel Modeling of Climate Change," (December 2018) [33pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2149 Joyee Deb, Aniko Öry (Oery), Kevin R. Williams, "Aiming for the Goal: Contribution Dynamics of Crowdfunding," (December 2018) [62pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2148 Tilman Börgers, Jiangtao Li, "Strategically Simple Mechanisms," (December 2018) [58pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2147R Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Countering the Winner’s Curse: Optimal Auction Design in a Common Value Model," (November 2018, Revised June 2019) [40pp, Abstract] (See: CFDP 2147)
CFDP 2147 Dirk Bergemann, Benjamin Brooks, Stephen Morris, "Countering the Winner’s Curse: Optimal Auction Design in a Common Value Model," (November 2018) [37pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2146 Timothy B. Armstrong, "Adaptation Bounds for Confidence Bands under Self-Similarity," (October 2018) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2145 Orazio P. Attanasio, Helen Baker-Henningham, Raquel Bernal, Costas Meghir, Diana Pineda, Marta Rubio-Codina, "Early Stimulation and Nutrition: The Impacts of a Scalable Intervention," (August 2018) [47pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2144 Soheil Ghili, Matthew Schmitt, "Risk Aversion and Double Marginalization," (August 2018) [46pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2143 Andrés González Lira, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, "Enforcing Regulation under Illicit Adaptation," (August 2018) [63pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2142 Dirk Bergemann, Alessandro Bonatti, "Markets for Information: An Introduction," (August 2018) [31pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2141 Philip A. Haile, Yuichi Kitamura, "Unobserved Heterogeneity in Auctions," (August 2018) [29pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2140 Ray C. Fair, "Information Content of DSGE Forecasts," (August 2018) [17pp, Abstract]
CFDP 2139 Lori Beaman, Ariel BenYishay, Jeremy Magruder, Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, "Can Network Theory-based Targeting Increase Technology Adoption?," (August 2018) [61pp, Abstract]