CFDP 956

The Hybrid Solutions of an n-Person Game


Publication Date: September 1990

Pages: 21


We introduce a solution concept intermediate between the cooperative and noncooperative solutions of an n-person game in normal form. Consider a partition p of the players, with each s in p a coalition. A joint strategy x = {xs|s in p} is a hybrid solution for the partition p if, for each s in p, xs is a core solution of the corresponding parametric subgame, where this game isplayed by the players in s and is parameterized by x-s, the strategies played by all outside players. This assumes that players behave cooperatively within each coalition and competitively across coalitions. Sufficient conditions are given for a general n-person game to have hybrid solutions for any partition.


Published in Games and Economic Behavior (January 1992), 4(1): 145-160 [DOI]