CFDP 2315

A Structural Model of Organizational Buying for B2B Markets: Innovation Adoption with Share of Wallet Contracts


Publication Date: November 2021

Pages: 59


The paper develops the first structural model of organizational buying to study innovation diffusion in a B2B market. Our model is particularly applicable for routinized exchange relationships, whereby centralized buyers periodically evaluate and choose contracts, then downstream users or- der items on contracted terms. The model captures different utility tradeoffs for users and buyers while accounting for how buyer and user choices interact to impact user adoption/usage and buyer contracting. Further, the paper considers the dynamics induced by share of wallet (SOW) pricing contracts, commonly used in B2B markets to reward customer loyalty with discounts for buying more than a threshold share from a supplier. We assemble novel panel data on surgeon usage, SOW contracts, contract switching, and hospital characteristics. We find two segments of hospitals in terms of the relative power of surgeons and buyers: a buyer-centric and a surgeon-centric segment. Further, innovations diffuse faster in teaching hospitals and when surgeries are concentrated among a few surgeons. Finally, we answer such questions as: Should the marketer focus on push (buyer-focused) or pull (user-focused) strategies? Do SOW contracts hurt the innovations of smaller firms? Surprisingly, we find that the contracts can help speed the diffusion of major innovations from smaller players.

Keywords: Organizational Buying Behavior, healthcare marketing, B2B Markets, B2B Innovation, New Product Diffusion, New Product Adoption

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