CFDP 2202R

Social Exclusion, Ambiguity and (IR)rationality


Publication Date: September 2019

Revision Date: October 2019

Pages: 53


This working paper extends the methodology of non-smooth affective portfolio theory (APT) for eliciting (IR)rational preferences of investors endowed with continuous quasilinear utility functions, where assets are portfolios of risky and ambiguous state-contingent claims. The elicitation is a solution of the affective Afriat inequalities;see technical appendix 1. Solving the smooth affective Afriat inequalities is Np-hard; see technical appendices 2, 3, and 4. The proposed extension is a methodology for the elicitation of (IR)rational preferences of individuals endowed with random continuous quasilinear utility functions defined over finite subsets of discrete social goods as a refutable model of social exclusion in the incomplete markets for social goods; see technical appendices 5 and 6. The methods of elicitation are generalized estimating equations (GEE) and alternating logistic regression (ALR); see technical appendices; 7 and 8.

Keywords: Rationality, Behavioral Finance, Well Being

JEL Classification Codes: D91, G41, I31

JEL Classification Codes: D91I31

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