CFDP 2193

Functional Coefficient Panel Modeling with Communal Smoothing Covariates


Publication Date: May 2019

Pages: 48


Behavior at the individual level in panels or at the station level in spatial models is often influenced by aspects of the system in aggregate. In particular, the nature of the interaction between individual-specific explanatory variables and an individual dependent variable may be affected by `global’ variables that are relevant in decision making and shared communally by all individuals in the sample. To capture such behavioral features, we employ a functional coefficient panel model in which certain communal covariates may jointly influence panel interactions by means of their impact on the model coefficients. Two classes of estimation procedures are proposed, one based on station averaged data the other on the full panel, and their asymptotic properties are derived. Inference regarding the functional coefficient is also considered. The finite sample performance of the proposed estimators and tests  are examined by simulation. An empirical spatial model illustration is provided in which the climate sensitivity of temperature to atmospheric CO_2 concentration is studied at both station and global levels.

Supplemental material

Supplement pages: 33

Keywords: Climate modeling, Communal covariates, Fixed effects, Functional coefficients, Panel data, Spatial modeling

JEL Classification Codes: C14, C23

JEL Classification Codes: C14C23

See CFP: CFP 1774

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