CFDP 2187

U.S. Infrastructure: 1929-2017


Publication Date: August 2019

Pages: 28


This paper examines the history of U.S. infrastructure since 1929 and in the process reports an interesting fact about the U.S. economy. Infrastructure as a percent of GDP began a steady decline around 1970, and the government budget deficit became positive and large at roughly the same time.  The infrastructure pattern in other countries does not mirror that in the United States, so the United States appears to be a special case.  The overall results suggest that the United States became less future oriented beginning around 1970.  This change has persisted.  This is the interesting fact.  Whether it can be explained is doubtful. 

Keywords: Infrastructure

JEL Classification Codes: H41, H5, H62

JEL Classification Codes: H41H50H62

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