CFDP 2174R

Wages, Experience and Training of Women over the Lifecycle


Publication Date: April 2019

Revision Date: June 2020

Pages: 69


We investigate the role of training in reducing the gender wage gap using the UK-BHPS. Based on a lifecycle model and using tax and welfare bene t reforms as a source of exogenous variation we evaluate the role of formal training and experience in defining the evolution of wages and employment careers, conditional on education. Training is potentially important in compensating for the effects of children, especially for women who left education after completing high school, but does not fundamentally change the wage gap resulting from labor market interruptions following child birth.

Keywords: Workplace training, On the job training, Female labor supply, Gender wage differentials, Human capital, Fertility and the gender wage gap, Lifecycle labor supply

JEL Classification Codes: E24, H24, I26, I28, J16, J22, J24, J31, J71

JEL Classification Codes: E24H24I26I28J16J22J24J31J71

See CFP: CFP 1745