CFDP 2149R

Aiming for the Goal: Contribution Dynamics of Crowdfunding


Publication Date: December 2018

Revision Date: January 2021

Pages: 105


We study reward-based crowdfunding, a new class of dynamic contribution games where a private good is produced only if the funding goal is reached by a deadline. Buyers face a problem of coordination rather than free-riding. A long-lived donor may alleviate this coordination risk, signaling his wealth through dynamic contributions. We characterize platform-, donor-, and buyer-optimal equilibrium outcomes, attained by Markov equilibria with simple donation strategies. We test the model’s predictions using high-frequency data collected from the largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter. The model fits the data well, especially for predictions concerning comparative statistics, donation dynamics, and properties of successful campaigns.

Keywords: Crowdfunding, Contribution Games, Dynamic Models, Kickstarter

JEL Classification Codes: C73, L26, M13

JEL Classification Codes: C73L26M13

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