CFDP 2081

Tribute to T. W. Anderson


Publication Date: March 2017

Pages: 6


Professor T.W. Anderson passed away on September 17, 2016 at the age of 98 years after an astonishing career that spanned more than seven decades. Standing at the nexus of the statistics and economics professions, Ted Anderson made enormous contributions to both disciplines, playing a signi´Čücant role in the birth of modern econometrics with his work on structural estimation and testing in the Cowles Commission during the 1940s, and educating successive generations through his brilliant textbook expositions of time series and multivariate analysis. This article is a tribute to his many accomplishments.


T. W. Anderson, Cowles Commission, Limited information maximum likelihood, Multivariate analysis, Time series

JEL Classification Codes: A14, B23

JEL Classification Codes: A14B23