CFDP 1993R

The Implementation Duality


Publication Date: March 2015

Revision Date: October 2017

Pages: 68


Conjugate duality relationships are pervasive in matching and implementation problems and provide much of the structure essential for characterizing stable matches and implementable allocations in models with quasilinear (or transferable) utility. In the absence of quasilinearity, a more abstract duality relationship, known as a Galois connection, takes the role of (generalized) conjugate duality. While much weaker, this duality relationship still induces substantial structure. We show that this structure can be used to extend existing results for, and gain new insights into, adverse-selection principal-agent problems and two-sided matching problems without quasilinearity.


Implementation, Duality, Galois connection, Imperfectly transferable utility, Principal-agent model, Two-sided matching

JEL Classification Codes: C62, C78, D82, D86

JEL Classification Codes: C62C78D82D86