CFDP 1982R3

Why is Pollution from U.S. Manufacturing Declining? The Roles of Environmental Regulation, Productivity, and Trade


Publication Date: January 2015

Revision Date: April 2018

Pages: 66


Between 1990 and 2008, air pollution emissions from U.S. manufacturing fell by 60 percent despite a substantial increase in manufacturing output. We show that these emissions reductions are primarily driven by within-product changes in emissions intensity rather than changes in output or in the composition of products produced. We then develop and estimate a quantitative model linking trade with the environment to better understand the economic forces driving these changes. Our estimates suggest that the implicit pollution tax that manufacturers face doubled between 1990 and 2008. These changes in environmental regulation, rather than changes in productivity and trade, account for most of the emissions reductions.


Cap-and-trade, Market-based instruments, NOx Budget Program, Pollution, Productivity, Trade

JEL Classification Codes: F18, F64, H23, Q56

JEL Classification Codes: F18F64H23Q56