CFDP 1808

The Present and Future of Game Theory


Publication Date: July 2011

Pages: 20


A broad nontechnical coverage of many of the developments in game theory since the 1950s is given together with some comments on important open problems and where some of the developments may take place. The nearly 90 references given serve only as a minimal guide to the many thousands of books and articles that have been written. The purpose here is to present a broad brush picture of the many areas of study and application that have come into being. The use of deep techniques flourishes best when it stays in touch with application. There is a vital symbiotic relationship between good theory and practice. The breakneck speed of development of game theory calls for an appreciation of both the many realities of conflict, coordination and cooperation and the abstract investigation of all of them.


Game theory, Application and theory, Social sciences, Law, Experimental gaming, conflict, Coordination and cooperation

JEL Classification Codes:  C7, C9


Published in The Singapore Economic Review, Eminent Paper Series (March 2012), 57(1) [DOI]