CFDP 1675R2

Sufficiency of an Outside Bank and a Default Penalty to Support the Value of Fiat Money: Experimental Evidence


Publication Date: September 2008

Revision Date: July 2014

Pages: 58


We present a model in which an outside bank and a default penalty support the value of fiat money, and experimental evidence that the theoretical predictions about the behavior of such economies, based on the Fisher-condition, work reasonably well in a laboratory setting. The import of this finding for the theory of money is to show that the presence of a societal bank and default laws provide sufficient structure to support the use of fiat money and use of the bank rate to influence inflation or deflation, although other institutions could provide alternatives.


Experimental gaming, Bank, Fiat money, Outside bank, General equilibrium

JEL Classification Codes:  C73, C91

See CFP: 1439