CFDP 1542

Sequential Equilibria in Bayesian Games with Communication


Publication Date: December 2005

Pages: 39


We study the effects of communication in Bayesian games when the players are sequentially rational but some combinations of types have zero probability. Not all communication equilibria can be implemented as sequential equilibria. We define the set of strong sequential equilibria (SSCE) and characterize it. SSCE differs from the concept of sequential communication equilibrium (SCE) defined by Myerson (1986) in that SCE allows the possibility of trembles by the mediator. We show that these two concepts coincide when there are three or more players, but the set of SSCE may be strictly smaller than the set of SCE for two-player games.


Bayesian games, Communication, Communication equilibrium, Sequential communication equilibrium

JEL Classification Codes:  C72, D82