CFDP 1477B

Impartiality and Priority. Part 2: A Characterization with Solidarity


Publication Date: August 2004

Revision Date: February 2005

Pages: 24


The ethic of ‘priority’ is a compromise between the extremely compensatory ethic of ‘welfare equality’ and the needs-blind ethic of ‘income equality’. We propose an axiom of priority, and characterize resource allocation rules that are impartial, prioritarian, and solidaristic. They comprise a class of rules which equalize across individuals some index of resources and welfare. Consequently, we provide an ethical rationalization for the many applications in which such indices have been used (e.g., the ‘human development index,’ ‘index of primary goods,’ etc.).


Impartiality, Solidarity, Priority, Allocation rules, Characterization result

JEL Classification Codes:  D63, D71

See CFP: 1185