CFDP 1364

Nonstationary Discrete Choice


Publication Date: May 2002

Pages: 37


This paper develops an asymptotic theory for time series discrete choice models with explanatory variables generated as integrated processes and with multiple choices and threshold parameters determining the choices. The theory extends recent work by Park and Phillips (2000) on binary choice models. As in this earlier work, the maximum likelihood (ML) estimator is consistent and has a limit theory with multiple rates of convergence (n3/4 and n1/4) and mixture normal distributions where the mixing variates depend on Brownian local time as well as Brownian motion. An extended arc sine limit law is given for the sample proportions of the various choices. The new limit law exhibits a wider range of potential behavior that depends on the values taken by the threshold parameters.


Brownian motion, Brownian local time, Discrete choice model, Dual convergence rates, Extended arc sine laws, Integrated time series, Maximum likelihood estimation, Threshold parameters

JEL Classification Codes: C22, C25

See CFP: 1103