CFDP 1356

Consistent Testing for Stochastic Dominance: A Subsampling Approach


Publication Date: February 2002

Pages: 51


We propose a procedure for estimating the critical values of the Klecan, McFadden, and McFadden (1990) test for first and second order stochastic dominance in the general k-prospect case. Our method is based on subsampling bootstrap. We show that the resulting test is consistent. We allow for correlation amongst the prospects and for the observations to be autocorrelated over time. Importantly, the prospects may be the residuals from certain conditional models.


Bootstrap, Prospect theory, Stochastic dominance

JEL Classification Codes:  C12, C14, C15, C52


Published in Review of Economic Studies (July 2005), 72(3), 735-765 [DOI]