CFDP 1243

Discrete Fourier Transforms of Fractional Processes


Publication Date: December 1999

Pages: 59


Discrete Fourier transforms (dft’s) of fractional processes are studied and an exact representation of the dft is given in terms of the component data. The new representation gives the frequency domain form of the model for a fractional process, and is particularly useful in analyzing the asymptotic behavior of the dft and periodogram in the nonstationary case when the memory parameter d > 1/2. Various asymptotic approximations are suggested. It is shown that smoothed periodogram spectral estimates remain consistent for frequencies away from the origin in the nonstationary case provided the memory parameter d < 1. When d = 1, the spectral estimates are inconsistent and converge weakly to random variates. Applications of the theory to log periodogram regression and local Whittle estimation of the memory parameter are discussed and some modified versions of these procedures are suggested.


Discrete Fourier transform, fractional Brownian motion; fractional integration; nonstationarity, operator decomposition, semiparametric estimation, Whittle likelihood