Faculty Books

Martin Shubik
Harvard University Press | October 1980 | ISBN: 0674550269 & 9780674433403
(with Richard E. Levitan)  In this book we explore a variety of oligopoly models based on an underlying structure of linear demand. All models noted are reproducible within the structure of a game. A later study will provide some tentative steps toward dynamics using an analytical and behavioral...
Martin Shubik
Harvard University Press | May 1979 | ISBN: 0674946006
(with Garry D. Brewer)  This book is a fascinating examination of a subject that has enormous consequences but few initiates — the system of military combat simulations and their advocates in defense establishments. The scope and importance of this field may be hinted at each spring during...
James Tobin
Yale University Press | 1979 | ISBN: 0226805018
In this work James Tobin discusses two major issues of macroeconomics: the strength of automatic market forces in maintaining full employment equilibrium and the efficacy of government fiscal and monetary policies in stabilizing the economy. Paperback: University of Chicago Press |...
Peter C. B. Phillips
Philip Allan/Ballinger | January 1978 | ISBN: 0860030067 & 0860030091
(with M. R. Wickens) These books provide a set of worked and unworked exercises to supplement the main textbook material in econometrics. it is written partly for students who are commencing undergraduate work in econometrics and who have some prior knowledge of statistics, and partly for students...
Shyam Sunder
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research | 1977 | ISBN 0844732699
Oil Industry Profits examines the profitability of the oil industry over the fifteen-year period from 1961 to 1975 using data from accounting reports and stock prices. Sunder’s analysis of accounting data supports the conclusion that the oil industry had been no more pro...
Martin Shubik
Elsevier Science Ltd. | September 1975 | ISBN: 0444990070
This book is a much needed, systematic and straightforward guide to simulation and gaming literature in the military, business, and academic institutions in the United States. Various chapters are devoted to general characterizations of the purposes, techniques, and validation problems of...
Martin Shubik
Elsevier Science Ltd. | August 1975 | ISBN: 0444412859 & 9780444412850
This book is essentially a survey. It lists the goals pursued by practitioners of gaming, the techniques employed, estimated costs, and facilities required. The last chapters give detailed guide to the literatures on gaming in business management, operations research, economics, political science,...
James Tobin
Princeton University Press | May 1974 | ISBN: 0691042055 & ISBN: 9780691042053
In the spring of 1972 Professor Tobin gave the inaugural series of the Eliot Janeway Lectures at the Woodrow Wilson School of Princeton University. The three chapters of this volume reproduce these lectures, which are in honor of Joseph Schumpeter.
Herbert E. Scarf
Yale University Press | June 1973 | ISBN: 0300016409
with Terje Hansen)  One of the major triumphs of mathematical economics during the past quarter of a century has been the proof of the existence of a solution for the neoclassical model of economic equilibrium. This demonstration has provided one of the rare instances in which abstract mathematical...
Ray C. Fair
Heath Lexington Books | June 1971 | ISBN: 0669613584 & 9780669613582
The model that is described in this book was developed during 1968 and 1969. The money GNP sector was developed in early 1968, and the other sectors were developed during 1969. At the time of this writing, the model in one form or another has been used as an actual forecasting tool for about two...