Faculty Books

James Tobin
MIT Press | June 1988 | ISBN: 9780262700344
(Edited with Murray Weidenbaum)  The juxtaposition of Kennedy and Reagan approaches to economic problems is particularly instructive in that they express the two major — and quite different — approaches of macroeconomic policy in the past three decades: the 1962 Kennedy Camelot which relied...
Truman F. Bewley
Cambridge University Press | November 1987 | ISBN: 0521344301 & 0521345529
(Editor)  These two volumes, with their focus on econometrics, contain papers delivered at the Fifth World Congress held in 1985. Designed to make material accessible to a general audience of economists, these papers should be helpful to anyone with training in economics who wishes to follow new...
Truman F. Bewley
Cambridge University Press | November 1987 | ISBN: 0521340446
(Editor)  This book and the two companion volumes, Advances in Econometrics - Fifth World Congress, Volumes I & II, contain invited papers presented at symposia of the Fifth World Congress of the Econometric Society in Cambridge, Massachusetts, August 1985. The topics and speakers were chosen...
Tjalling C. Koopmans
MIT Press | October 1985 | ISBN: 0262111063 & 9780262111065
(forward by Herbert E. Scarf)  “Tjalling C. Koopmans was awarded the 1975 Nobel Prize for his work on the theory of optimal utilization of resources. This collection represents Koopmans’ work over the past 15 years on such topics as the representation of preference orderings, the computation of an...
Herbert E. Scarf
Cambridge University Press | April 1984 | ISBN: 052125745X
(Edited with John B. Shoven)  This book presents a collection of articles on applied general equilibrium analysis by major contributors to this field. This rapidly expanding method of analysis involves the use of computers to study entire economies and the interrelationships among firms...
Ray C. Fair
Harvard University Press | 1984 | ISBN: 0674831802 & 9780674831803
This book gives a practical, applications-oriented account of the latest techniques for estimating and analyzing lard, nonlinear macroeconomic models. Fair demonstrates the application of these techniques in a detailed presentation of several actual models, including his United States model, his...
Martin Shubik
MIT Press | 1984 | ISBN: 0262192195
This companion volume to Game Theory in the Social Sciences: Concepts and Solutions sketches a unification of several branches of political economy on the basis of the theory of games. The book is in five parts. Part I, Basics, discusses the factors that make economic decision making di...
Martin Shubik
North Holland | August 1983 | ISBN: 0444866787 & 978-0444866783
Volume 6 of the North-Holland Systems and Control Series and contains the following essays: “Game theory,”​ M. Shubik; “A critical assessment of quantitative methodology as a political analysis tool,” ​Ralph E. Strauch Duels and​ George Kimeldorf; “Requirements for the theory of combat,”​ H. K....
James Tobin
Brookings Institution | July 1983 | ISBN: 0631131787 & 9780631131786
(Editor)  Collection of essays by Martin N. Bailey; Robert J. Gordon, John Taylor, Edmund Phelps, Guillermo Calvo, Benjamin Friedman, Lawrence Summers, William D. Nordhaus, Robert Mundell, and James Tobin.
Martin Shubik
MIT Press | 1982 | ISBN: 0262191954
Winner of the 1983 Lanchester Prize of the Operations Research Society of America — This book by a recognized authority on game theory and its applications introduces social scientists in a variety of disciplines to this powerful methodology. The emphasis throughout is on the empirical approach to...