The Uses and Methods of Gaming

Martin Shubik
Elsevier Science Ltd. | September 1975 | ISBN: 0444990070

This book is a much needed, systematic and straightforward guide to simulation and gaming literature in the military, business, and academic institutions in the United States. Various chapters are devoted to general characterizations of the purposes, techniques, and validation problems of simulations and games, including a suggestive analysis of the differences between game theory (in the mathematical, analytic sense) and gaming in social and behavioral sciences. Almost half the text is a valuable guide and short review of major books and articles in the field, broken down into four major groupings: business and management (including operations research), experimentation, military and international relations, and a small “eclectic” collection of readings about or germane to gaming.

Because of its breadth of coverage, clarity of conception, and lucid presentation of technical material, it ought to make a valuable reference text for both practitioners of the art and students wishing to get a systematic, multidisciplinary introduction to the field. It is not a “how to do it” book, but it points to relevant literature of that type and discusses it intelligently and sympathetically (indeed, there is a chapter specifically devoted to costing out projects).