Models, Methods, and Applications of Econometrics: Essays in Honor of A. R. Bergstrom

Peter C. B. Phillips
Basil Blackwell | January 1993 | ISBN: 1557861102

(Editor) This volume of essays has been assembled to honor Rex Bergstrom as a Festschrift on the occasion of his sixty-fifth birthday. The scholars who have contributed to the volume form a truly international group. Some have had the good fortune to study under Rex and learn directly from his guidance as a teacher or a thesis adviser. Others have worked with Rex and appreciate his insight and wisdom as a colleague. All of us have been inspired and influenced by his research. As the editor of this volume, it is a privilege for me to bring together and present to Rex this fine collection of essays, which in their breadth of themes and concern for fundamentals together reflect the extent of Rex’s own interest in economic modeling and in the theory and application of econometrics.